20 May 2011

First Trailer For Korea's Biggest Blockbuster MY WAY

Fans of Korean movies have a lot to thank Je-gyu Kang, why? He was the filmmaker responsible for the renaissance of Korean movies outside Korea with the 1999 hit movie Swiri and Korean movies have never looked back. You could also call him the Terrence Malick of Korean cinema as well as he doesn't make many movies or even appearances and now he's back with his fourth movie MY WAY.

MY WAY is been labelled by the critics as the new Red Cliff, massive budget with a fabulous all star cast to back it up Jang Dong-gun (THE PROMISE), Japanese star Joe Odagiri (AIR DOLL) and China's Fan Bingbing. Looking at the trailer the movie does posses those qualities of Red Cliff and we have a fantastic epic movie on our hands to look forward too!

The movie is playing Cannes Film Festival this weekend with the movie coming out in Japan & South Korea in December and it will probably be 2012 before it arrives in UK & Ireland.

The setting is Seoul, in Japan-colonized Korea. Jun-shik, who lives and works in a large Japanese estate—which belongs to Tatsuo’s grandfather—and Tatsuo are rivals, both aiming to become competitors in the upcoming marathon. Jun-shik becomes elected to participate in the Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner, but war breaks out with the U.S.S.R. and he is forced to enlist in the army.
One day, Tatsuo is recruited to become the head of defense in Jun-shik’s unit. Tatsuo devises a scheme to attack the Soviets but the plan falls apart and Tatsuo and Jun-shik are held captive. When the Germans attack the Soviets, the POWs are forced to join the Soviet Army. Jun-shik and Tatsuo try to escape, but are captured by the Germans, and the two are forced to separate.
In 1944, on the shores of Normandy—where Tatsuo has been allocated to—Jun-shik and Tatsuo meet again. Jun-shik has long become a German soldier at this point, and the battle against the Allied Forces are imminent. Upon hearing that an exit passage was possible via Cherbourg, Tatsuo proposes to Jun-shik that they escape together. Amidst the chaotic throes of an enemy attack, Tatsuo and Jun-shik make a run for their lives. 


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