4 June 2011


Before I start with getting the blog up to date I must apologise for there been virtually no new posts the past few days. Unfortunately the prolem was out of our control as it was down to the broadband service in the area where Cinehouse HQ is based, basically the broadband was out of service with at times only providing around 10% service. Because of this I was unable to only post one time but thanksfully in the early hours of this morning normal service resumed so now over the next few days Cinehouse will be updated as has The Peoples Movies Cinehouse's 'big brother' .
You may have noticed the blog has and still going through a transition period in its layout. We're working on getting an design which suits the feel of the site, so far we can agree the design is looking great and we have to thank Pierre for his great work and spending his own spare time creating a great experience on cinehouse. To further the enhancement of the site in the next month or two Cinehouse will be joining the dot.com generation so stay tuned for exact date as well as when to update your bookmarks!

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