17 July 2011


Back in the 1980's kids cartoons were legendary Thundercats, TMNT, Dungeons & Dragons, Amazing Spiderman, He-Man the list is endless we even had a small selection of anime like willy fog, mysterious cities of gold and Dogtainian & 3 Muskerhounds. The 1990's more anime appeared then disappeared due to the negative press, nowdays Disney, poor dramas and to get any type of anime in UK you need to have sky or virgin media even then the choice is very limited unless you can pick up other countries channels.

I always remember back in the 1990's my teenage years I love, adored anime/manga and any money I had went to new books of animations, I could always remember images but trying to remember the name was another story. One of those was Fujiko F. Fujio's DORAEMON created in 1969 the robotic cat sent from the future to help improve the fortunes of a young boy called Nobita, whose future grandson is responible for sending Doraemon. I don't if Doraemon was ever shown in UK but anywhere outside the UK like Spain who have a massive anime fanbase this little cat is so popular and it was always a symbol of japanese animation and its now a symbol of Japanese culture.

52 Years on the animation (& comic book) is still going strong releasing yearly movie specials and the 2012 movie DORAEMON: NOBITA AND THE ISLAND OF MIRACLES has already got a trailer, check it out below....


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