17 July 2011


I don't know about you guys but I seem to know alot of people who have that attitude to go with the flow, if something is good its good to them even if they've not watched it or tried it. When you ask them why they like it or even hate it you only seem to get a reply of "Because it is good (or bad)" and no matter how many times you ask "it's because it is". MARRIED TO THE MAFIA 4 is one of those franchises when I ask the people I know who have seen the previous 3 movies why its funny ,have a  guess what they said? "It's because it is!"  those people should be on Mastermind!!!
Trying to find info on this movie in English is mission impossible but what I've learned is the franchise started back in 2002 it started as a tv series which has been formed into successful film franchise which is about to have its 4th movie come out this September in South Korea. The 4th movie sees the family head overseas to Japan for some maniac fun, sadly that's all I know but if you do have more info on the film and correct any of the above info get in touch.Kim Su Mi, joon,Tak Jae Hoon,im hyeong jun, MC Hyun , and Jeong Jun-ha all star.Check out the movies first teaser trailer:

source Filmsmash

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  1. I haven't seen ny sim ku mi's movie, but i am looking forward to watch this one as it looks quite interesting.
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