21 July 2011

Full Trailer For THE GRANDMASTERS (Yut Doi Jung Si)!

It's taken so but finally we have a proper trailer, For Wong Kar Wai's martial arts biopic THE GRANDMASTERS the movie based on Bruce Lee's teacher the legendary Ip Man. You have to go all the way back to 2009 when the filming started on this movie but it was hit with dreaded delays that have caused havoc in many big Hollywood flicks, but finally we have a proper teaser trailer to be excited about. This is a beautiful trailer fit for such an iconic the father of (Wing Chun) kung fu martial Arts master recently portrayed by Donnie Yen in The IP Man films, this time its Tony Leung and Kar Wai's version goes for the more stylish approach of cinematography and the raining gives the movie an intense feel as well as similarities to The Matrix scene from the rain. We did get a trailer back at christmas which was simply wonderfully style with Caligraphy only however if you couldn't read Chinese you would have no idea what you where watching but now we have something that resembles footage and exciting action which hopefully means nearly 3 years on this movie might be finally getting released!

Well I'm afraid it's 2012 but the date still not set. The movie also stars Ziyi Zhang,Chen Chang and Cung Lee.

With martial arts getting more popular in the 1930s, people flocked to learn them from the professionals at Foshan in Southern China. In an attempt to prove their worth, some of the experienced masters like to challenge their counterparts and take part in a series of battles. To help retain their concentration, it is their practice to lock up the venues and no one is allowed to leave until it is over. No food and no rest before reaching any results.
Ip Man is a young, rich man who is extremely talented in martial arts, but he chooses to keep a low profile. However, this doesn’t keep him out of trouble as one day he is trapped in this battleground and he has to use every means in order to get out of there. After comfortably winning his encounter, the masters are amazed by his abilities. Master Kung and his daughter Kung Yi are amongst the crowd, and the latter is attracted to the mysterious newcomer.
Meanwhile, when a high warlord is assassinated by his own guard Yi Xian Tian, all of the masters in Foshan vow to take Tian down no matter what...


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