11 November 2011

Its Mega Mindy Time! Trailer for Mega Mindy And The Candy Baron

When I found this trailer it just looked to stupid to even be comedy but its for the Kids or even even students probably out there face on those medicinal cigarettes some love to smoke.My student friend Pervy Pete thinks this hilarious as he here's 'mega doobie' which he informs me is a slang for one of those medicinal smokes he enjoys.

Mega Mindy is a popular Flemish children's tv show whose a Police Woman by Day, Super hero by day which has sprouted into a franchise including films like the trailer for this one MEGA MINDY AND THE CANDY BARON. I don't much about this film but i'm the kids that do know who Mega Mindy is will know the absurd maniac fun when this film comes Mega Mindy! What Im disappointed is when she says Mega Mindy Time we get no MC Hammer dance routine now that would have been cool!

I believe Mega Mindy And The Candy Baron will be out in Belgium and Holland December 21st.

source Twitch

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