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19 March 2013

Win 21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping On DVD or Blu-Ray

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Part thriller, part procedural legal drama, 21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping is a fascinating and absorbing crime story, which will appeal to fans of the legendary Rutger Hauer and audiences who have also been gripped by the new wave of gritty, realistic euro–crime dramas from Sweden, Denmark and France.based on the sensational true story of the Netherland’s most notorious abduction of Heineken himself in 1983 and courtesy of Arrow Films we've teamed up to give you a chance to win this film on DVD or BluRay.

Rem (Reinout Scholten van Aschat) is an amateur street thug looking for an easy way out of poverty. When he overhears his brother-in-law Cor (Gijs Naber) and associates plotting criminal schemes, Rem wants in on the action. In an effort to impress the others Rem suggests the job to end all jobs - a daring kidnap. The target is Freddy Heineken, the multi-millionaire brewery president. Heineken’s immense wealth is the key attraction but Rem also blames him for his father's failing health due to alcoholism after long years of service as a Heineken salesman.

The gang successfully execute the kidnapping and demand a large ransom, but when the family refuses to give up any kind of money their plan slowly begins to unravel. Rem is drawn deeper and deeper into the worsening situation and his darker impulses are revealed. When he is tasked with monitoring Freddy's cell, Rem seems to enjoy the power he holds over the rich man and cruelly tests his psychological resolve.

After 21 days the ransom is finally paid but the police are already closing in. Two of the gang are arrested but Rem and Cor manage to flee to France. They are apprehended but legal proceedings and extradition issues may give them a chance to evade Dutch justice. Freddy Heineken then begins his own quest for extrajudicial revenge.

To Win one of 3 copies of 21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping On DVD or BluRay please Answer the following Question:

Q What famous alcoholic beverage made Rutger Hauer a household name in the 1980's with their 'surreal' Television adverts?

Send your answer, name, address, postcode (No telephone Numbers), email titled '21 Days' to 
Deadline for Comp is Sunday 7th April 2013 (11:59pm).You must be 15 years or older to enter.
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23 June 2012

Mischa Rozema's SUNDAYS Short Needs Your Help

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Here at cinehouse (and at times The Peoples Movies) we do get alot Kickstarter film projects, we try our best to cover most if not all them. Today's project was spotted by our Canadian friends at Twitch and one type of short film we adore is horror, sci-fi (we love genres though) especially and Mischa Rozema's SUNDAYS does seem to fill our fix. The Amsterdam based commercial director hopes her Sci-fi short will soon become a full feature a story built around the idea that one day a computer based intelligence will exceed a human one arriving via a technological singularity.

Visually this looks great, storyline decent my only concern like many people with great short films can the story be easily adapted or will it be overstretched? Whatever you think you can check out the film below and below that read the kickster information. You can support the film here.

Sundays (working title) is a feature film idea created and written by Dutch commercials director Mischa Rozema. It is a project he has been living and sleeping with for the past years. It is the result of stories inhabiting his head, images that need to be visualised and the the desire to create a film completely different to anything we’ve seen before. The story is there, so is the research. What we are asking your help with is the opportunity to create a short film - the first step on the path to realising a feature film - using the skills and passion of Mischa and his team at PostPanic and Savage.
We're raising money through Kickstarter to make this short film. We want to show what is visually possible when creative integrity is closely guarded from the beginning. We don’t want to risk diluting Mischa’s vision by 3rd parties forcing him to become more mainstream and commercial. We want to show what he is capable of as a storyteller when he has complete control over the direction.

What is 'Sundays' about?
We are fast approaching an event, unparalleled in our history. A tipping point known as a technological singularity. It's the moment when computer power surpasses human intelligence. This moment is inevitable. Our world will change forever.
We are on the verge of having to decide the future of humanity. In order to maintain we might have to change the very definition of what it means to be human. So what exactly is 'human'? Where does it begin and where does it stop. Are we willing to stretch its definition and our ethics to corners we never could have imagined. Is there an infinite deadline on our existence?
This is the story of what it means to be human and how the characteristics of what makes us special stand the test of time. It's evident that technologies are now tied to our evolution as a species. Does our biology define us as human beings or is it the ideals for which humanity stands for?

15 July 2010

Trailer For Lang & gelukkig aka HAPPILY EVER AFTER

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source QuietEarth
Above is the trailer for the crazy and surreal Dutch Comedy HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Lang & gelukkig) which is coming out in Holland around October time. The movie compiles some favourite all time fairytales such as littke red riding hood, cinderella mashes them all up for  contemporary times. The great thing is the ugly sisters are called Paris( &) Hilton, and bundles of corny humour with the music scenes have the characters singing current pop song & dutch hits, this is one crazy,crazy,crazy mucked up movie but we like it here at Cinehouse HQ!!!
just watch the trailer, mybe these parody movie directors should watch for some tips!!!

16 June 2010

Its a Second Life Drama, Trailer for R U THERE

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Source QuietEarth
Before you say anything this is n't a trailer for a second life online game trailer, its actually a movie not about the website but movie did screen at Cannes this year and did get a decent positive response.

R U THERE tells the story of Jitze (20), a professional gamer who travels around the world to compete in video game tournaments. During a stay in Taipei he unexpectedly witnesses an accident which resembles those he re-enacts in his video games on a day to day basis; this confronts him with his own mortality and his world is suddenly shaken by reality, in a violent way. He meets an intriguing Taiwanese woman in the hotel bar where he is staying, never quite figuring out whether she is an escort, masseuse or bettle nut girl. He tries to get close to her but only manages to do so in the virtual world, on Second Life which they both visit. - imdb

check out trailer after the break...

13 March 2010

Trailer for Dutch Drama GREAT KILLS ROAD

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source QuietEarth

Great Kills Road  tells the story of a mans journey to find his ex-wife and his metally handicapped son. He must go to New York City to search for her  and the film shows an foreigner trying to cope with the sheer scale of New York metropolis and this I can relate to. Coming from Scotland the largest city in my country is Glasgow (1.5 million) and I have worked and travelled many times overseas and last summer I travelled to China to Guangzhou a medium sized city for the country and it was 12.5 million, 3 times biger in the whole population of Scotland!!! Its even daunting at times even going to London (which I have to go to in 2 weeks), its the small fish in a big pond!
Great Kills Road is an intimate Family drama and at times feels like a documentary but the trailer below does show that but eventually the trailer does shift gears into a intriguing piece of work. The movie has been a big popular movie when it networked the Dutch Film festivals receiving very positive views, like the source of this post I have tried to get more information on the movie but have been unable to.
Great Kills Road is directed by Tjebbo Penning, check out the trailer below:

12 February 2010

The Dutch have a bad case of Ghosts in Zwart Water

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source TwitchFilm  

How times to people need to be told about old houses and ghosts! ZWART WATER is an Dutch movie by
and sees a family movie into an old b ig house which in its attic has an ghost which is attracted to the young daughter of the family and preys on her. Ok this isnt an original story the ghost thing has been done a million times but what splits good movies from bad is how they execute the story, we expect certain things with a supernatural story but the way you present it is got to be unique.

This is the first trailer for the movie and it does build up the mood and tension of the movie and even throws in a few disturbing images to start off those brown trouser moments. Zwart Water will be out on national release in Holland from March 11th.