19 November 2011

Trailer for Dark Thriller DADDY (CACA)

There's something about Croatia and dark thrillers and DADDY (Caca) is the latest to be added to the ever increasing list. Dalibor Matanic's flick may not be as disturbing as some of its peers but the storyline is just as disturbing making this an intriguing film to check out the new trailer which has English subtitle's and Daddy will be released in its homeland very shortly.

A girl persuades her boyfriend and her sister to join her on a journey to the isolated backwoods of Lika. There, she finds her father, who abandoned the family many years ago. Her father is now seriously ill, so this is her last chance to talk to him about everything that happened in the past. In the remote landscape of Lika, a family's dark secrets - secrets that have been hidden for a lifetime - are about to be revealed...

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