20 November 2011

I'm A Superhero Got A Job? Trailer For Jordan Galland's ALTER EGO'S

I always remember a time when I was unemployed previously I knew a man worshipped the ground Margaret Thatcher walked who used to have pleasure psychologically rip me apart not having a job calling me lazy and that it was all lies that there were n't alot jobs. Now roll on 2011 that same person is now eating his own words and is now been unemployed 14 months, so what if your a superhero for example, your line of profession was funded by the government and was drastically cut? What would life be like? This is the basis of Josh Garland's ALTER EGO'S indie comedy which does look fantastic very funny charming flick which should p;ease fans of the genre, maybe not as graphic say as Kick ass but more on par with Super.

We might be going into Oscar contender season but as 2012 less than 7 weeks away the festival season will be starting again and it means Sundance and Alter Egos looks the perfect film to fit into indie film world's ultimate film festival, why not not Galland has already proven he's worthy of indie film recognition with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead !

The film is set in a version of our world in which super heroes are real but have recently lost all government funding and public support, and out of that setting comes a quirky comedy about an out of work superhero who needs to be saved from his own emotional crisis, and the girl who helps him do it.


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