14 April 2012

Trailer: Resist The ZOMBOOBIES!

There's really one bunch of people in the world who will easily create something unique as well something totally ridiculous, it's the Japanese! As Hollywood looks To Seth Grahame-Smith to bring them the inspiration for mashed genre films, however over in the land of the rising sun Francois Fujimoto has created horror/comedy ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!). Despite been a Japanese film (currently in Post Production)it was shot entirely in Los Angeles and just looks shameless naughty fun only the Japanese could get away with! What I would really love to know is what the Japanese actually think of these type of films, do the have a whole different type of fun or just they ignore them like a Jehovah Witness at your doorstep?

While conducting experiments to create "the perfect boobs", a group of doctors are transformed into Evil Mutant Creatures with an unstoppable hunger for BOOBS! See hot women fight to keep their perfect breasts out of the evil doctors' mutant hands!!!

No official Japanese release date for this just yet but do expect it sometime this year. Dare you to watch this at work! Don't!

source Dreadcentral

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