14 April 2012

Medicine Is Golddust In Post Apocalyptic WORMWOOD Trailer

I just love post apocalyptic flicks and will watch them no matter how good or bad they are.The last few years the best PA flicks have been independent made (The Road, The Day, Stakeland to name a few), really highlighting the gritty, the chaos the roams the nuked lands.Quietearth have unearthed a little gem Wormwood despite been in English is actually a Ukrainian production, it's not a teaser trailer but a promo showing off the technology behind the trailer. There's not much known about this film apart from we have a brief synopsis and the film will be coming out 2013, so this could possibly be a trailer for potential buyers, enjoy!

30 years ago, the largest man made nuclear disaster happened, changing everything forever. Now a group of survivors are looking for a special shipment that just might save their lives..

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