14 May 2012

"Follow Me" Watch This Cool Clip From THE RAID

Things are hotting up this week, in ridiculous style too! THE RAID is set to hit (and kick…) the whole of the UK this Friday upon it's release, and to get everyone warmed up we've decided to give you guys another fast-paced clip. If your of a certain age you'll probably wonder what older members of your family are talking about when they mentions VHS or even for that matter Betamax (we had one in our house!). But what The Raid does is transport you back to those days before DVD &Blu ray our video stores filled with films many people probably never heard off but an Aladdin's cave to fans of certain genres like Action flicks. The action brutal, bloody and as people say about football teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United, Brazilian national team total football, The Raid is Total action film as it has everything an actionphile demands from a action film. The best action film you'll see this year, read Ben's review here

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