1 June 2012

Trailer For Mads Mikkelsen's JAGTEN (The Hunt)

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is someone I've got a lot of time for, great actor to be your films villain or anti-hero and last week at Cannes Film Festival his latest film Jagten (The Hunt)played which saw the actor pick the best actor award.The film many critics were calling one of the festivals best films a thought provoking film which explores accusations to do with a taboo sensitive subject, abuse. So it was of no surprise the film found its self a distributor for USA, Magnolia Pictures with Artificial Eye possibly picking up the British rights.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg (Submarino)Mikkelsen plays a primary School teacher falsely accused of child abuse, it sounds an unravelling slow film which maybe very uncomfortable viewing to some people, however I haven't seen this so I don't know if it's going down the same street as Michael.This one will probably get a limited release via the independent/ arthouse cinemas in UK&Ireland or possibly direct to DVD, at this moment we have no release date but Jagten (The Hunt) will be released in Denmark 18th October. 

You Can see Mads Mikkleson next in UK in A Royal Affair which is out in UK&Ireland June 15th, stay tuned for a review.


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