29 January 2013

Ask Gael Garcia Bernal A Question, In live Q&A For NO

Gael Garcia Bernal is starring in 'No', the Oscar-nominated film looking at the referendum and ad campaign that helped force General Pinochet out of office.

Gael is no stranger to Amnesty, or to political films - he worked with us to create The Invisibles, four films which charted the dangerous journey across Mexico for migrants who are kidnapped, raped and sometimes murdered as they aim for America. He also played Ernesto Guevara (Che) in The Motorcycle Diaries.

Send us your questions for Gael - about his new film 'No', his previous work, or anything else - and we'll ask him a selection during a live Youtube broadcast on Thursday. Leave them as a comment, or ask them on Twitter using #AskGael

You can also send in your questions for Eugenio Garcia, one of the two advertising executives who created Chile's 'No' campaign, who Gael's character in 'No' is partly based.

The event is happening  in association with Amnesty International on Thursday 31st January at 1545 until 1630 (GMT)

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