26 June 2013

You Need To Fight If You Want To Escape (Flukt) This July

The director and star of the critically acclaimed Cold Prey team up once again for a thrilling, action-packed adventure that marries the best of The Hunger Games and Mad Max as a young girl fights for survival against brutal warriors in a disease-ridden medieval world.This July Escape (Flukt) will arrive on DVD in UK in July

Ten years after the Black Plague ravaged their country, a poor family sets out on a journey for a new home. On a remote mountain pass, they are attacked by a band of merciless killers led by the vicious Dagmar (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) and the only one spared is young Signe (Isabel Christine Andreasen), who is taken hostage. At the gang’s camp she meets fellow kidnap victim Frigg (Milla Olin) and learns that a terrible fate awaits her. There is nothing for it but to escape, but Dagmar will not let Signe go that easily…

Escape is like The Hunger Games stripped bare – a strong heroine, fast-paced action, awesome archery, but not a love triangle in sight! It’s a beautifully filmed, uncompromising tale of survival-against-the-odds with top performances and stunning scenery that’ll leave you wanting a trip to Norway!

Escape(Flukt)is directed Roar Uthaug (Cold Prey) and stars Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Cold Prey, Cold Prey 2), Kristian Espedel aka Gaahl (frontman of Gorgoroth, Trelldom and Gaahlskagg) and the film arrives on DVD in UK on 29th July.

Special Features:

  • Visual Effects

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Bloopers

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