13 September 2013

Is Frodo Stalking Girls Again? Watch the Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows

Elijah Wood's not had the best times with the female population ever since he destroyed the one ring to rule them all. If you go by his last film he loved scalps of pretty females in Maniac but in Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows is he the enemy or simply a superfan dragged into something sinister? Watch trailer and find out!

Open Windows stars Wood as superfan Nick obsessed with actress Jill (Sasha Grey) the most exciting actress of the moment and the webmaster of a website dedicated to her. After winning a chance to meet his idol in person Nick is contacted by Chord (Neil Maskell)who says he's captured Jill and Nick can watch her every move on his webcam. Nick now finds himself intertwined in a situation if he doesn't comply Jill will die.

The gimmick of Open Windows is a tricky one especially as a lot of the film is played out on computer screens as well as real time which makes the film a little generic. This is Vigalondo's first English language and he is a talented director so we have faith he can pull this one off in a entertainment way. What will drive the curiousity is the fact after the directors two previous films Time Crimes (time travelling) and Extraterrestrial (rom-sci-fi, Open Windows feet are firmly grounded in reality.

No date has been confirmed for release UK or USA, expect possibly 2014.

source: The Filmstage

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