12 November 2014

Female Wrestlers, Zombies It Must Be The New Trailer For From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl

What do you get when you cross, female wrestlers, midgets and zombies? Simple it must be 3 of the ingredients for the new teaser trailer for  From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl.

From the director of the 'cult' hit Murderdome Daniel Armstrong a film that feels like it's taken a life time to be made (well 6 years actually),with a series setbacks From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl will arrive this January.

This one will certainly put a chokehold and body slam you from every direction if it's madness you want it's madness you'll get.

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl tells the tale of Charlie who becomes a wrestler after witnessing her daddy die in the ring. A demanding job, with a bossing threatening to unleash a ombie hordes stop Charlie making her way into the hallowed ring. She has no choice to open a can of whoop ass and send the jabronis on a one way ticket to Smackdown hotel, give me a hell yeah!

No word if this one will make it to at least DVD release in UK however Australian fans can see this one in January.

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