12 November 2014

This Christmas Only Invite Dan Stevens On Your Blu-ray With The Guest Home Release

The director and writer of You're Next team up once more for one of the coolest and most acclaimed films of 2014. Boasting an awesomely badass standout performance from Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, The Guest is one of the most talked about movies of the year and perfectly balances explosive action, wit and genius script writing.

Make sure you invite The Guest into your home this Christmas on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

Still struggling over the loss of their oldest son, the Peterson family find great comfort when David, a young charismatic former soldier, arrives at their home, claiming to be a friend and colleague of their late son. He is quickly welcomed into their lives, and begins helping out in unexpected ways that seem to change the family’s fortunes for the better.

A troubling and violent chain of events cause Anna (Monroe), the oldest daughter, to suspect David's real intentions, and she begins to realise that his motives are more extreme than the family could ever imagine. This steely-eyed stranger might appear to be a dream come true but as bullets start to fly and the body count rises, the Peterson family’s nightmare is just beginning.

No other film this year has had the impact of The Guest. Dan Stevens puts in a performance that eats up the big screen and gives cinema a worthy rival for Bourne and Bond. After the superb You're Next, Director Adam Wingard delivers exactly what fans want, and then some, in a genre busting film that screams out for, inevitable, repeat viewings.

With a killer 80s soundtrack and a witty script from You're Next scribe Simon Barrett, The Guest is explosive, fun, scary, gory, sexy-cool and is guaranteed to be on everyone's list of top films of the year.

The Guest comes with special features a host of Deleted scenes,Theatrical Trailer and Audio Commentary with Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. The film co-stars Maika Monroe, leland orser, Sheila Kelley, and Lance Reddick with The Guest arriving on DVD&Blu-ray 29th December.

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