7 March 2016

Finally Criterion Collection Launching In UK Thanks To Sony Deal

Unless you had a Blu-ray or DVD player that could play U.S released films, then paying through the roof for the titles, you could watch Criterion Collection. But now thanks to a deal with Sony Home Entertainment after years of prayers and dreams Criterion Collection is coming to UK for the first time ever!

Variety are reporting the New York based specialist home video who specialise in contemporary and classic film releases from Hollywood back catalogue along with World Cinema will start distributing the first batch of titles starting on 18th April.

The first wave of titles will be Grey Gardens, It Happened One Night, Macbeth, Only Angels Have Wings, Speedy and Tootsie. You may argue these titles are already available here in UK, however it's what comes with the films that make the Criterion extra special.

The titles will all feature the supplements along with the exclusive artwork seen only on the U.S releases. Whilst these extras help make the complete package well worth the money, what really stands out is Criterion's reputation to release those films is the highest level of remastering and sound quality which makes them stand out from many of the films UK releases.

Criterion Collection CEO Jonathan Turrell commented “Starting with these six great titles, we are happy to be able to bring selections from Criterion to our very devoted audience in the UK. We are thrilled to build upon our strong relationship with Sony and look forward to expanding the Criterion audience.”

This news will please many film purists as until now Eureka! Entertainment's Masters Of Cinema, Arrow Video, even Curzon Artificial Eye Film, BFI Film have provided the closest to a Criterion Collection film. But thanks to certain distribution rights prevented them releasing certain cuts of film, this news may actually help them in future releases.

The deal which Criterion have signed with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is similar to the deal they signed last year for U.S rights. The deal has will give UK fans to buy future new releases too.

Source: Variety

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