6 March 2016

Way Of Ozu..Watch Video Essay On Yasujiro Ozu's Visual Language

Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman even Jane Campion all have one thing in common within their great work you can see the inspiration of one filmmaker, Yasujiro Ozu. In the latest video essay from Kogonada he attempts to examine Ozu in 3 frames side by side. which show the men and women of Japanese master's films delivering as much impact to the story as a script. Basically the emotions of those characters are just as important as the words spoken by an actor, something the 3 a mention filmmakers did so well too.

Body language is an everyday part of lives sometimes we don't realize how much we do it subconsciously without realising  it. It's like your telling the other people with you what your actual feelings are. This little video is a perfect supplement intro to one of the early masters of film and the importance of the basics of film making too.


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