8 April 2016

Join Us! Cinehouse Writers Wanted

In 2009 I started Cinehouse as an platform enhance my 'cinema education'. It's been an bumpy but amazing journey (alongside The Peoples Movies), 7 years on it's time to share that journey with you!

For Cinehouse to continue we need to get a few more writers onboard this is where you will come in. Cinehouse covers the alternative side of Hollywood to world cinema. If you love your French thrillers, Swedish arthouse or Hong Kong period dramas you maybe the person we are looking for!

We have been  writing reviews since day one only past few years have we been written more niche reviews so now we are trying to establish as a a place where  film is for all. We're looking for wise full individuals to contribute and make our  World Cinema bigger and better.Showcase your enthusiasm through their writing,deliver news stories,trailer posts, creating articles and features or even essays (short & Longform), putting what you write into context. We are looking for someone who is honest, passionate, so if you think something is terrible or best thing since sliced bread explains why in your own words to inform most of entertain.

News never stops and if you can hang on for the ride you will probably be the person we are looking for.You don't have to know everything but if you're resourceful and willing to roll the sleeves up and help Cinehouse rise from the flames we want you to join us.Though you will be based purely on Cinehouse, you will be able to write for our Big brother The Peoples Movies which specialises in mainstream film as well as covering stuff we cover here too.

You may also want to Podcast or video blog too or even a format idea of your own, as we're opened to all ideas. Writers wanting to specialize in one particular area of the film such as Asian Cinema can do, So do you want to review, post trailer, articles, features and essays on Asian film or any other Country, let us know. Remember Arthouse, Independent   and World cinema covers an array of genres from mainstream releases to arthouse, independent film.

How do you apply? Below please complete the form, we will do our best to get in touch as soon as possible, welcome onboard! (Freelancers are welcomed to apply too)

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