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21 September 2018


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On 15th September 2009, I started Cinehouse as an alternative to my main site The Peoples Movies. Giving me a chance to talk and review the alternative side of the mainstream film. From World Cinema, Arthouse, Indie film, Short film, the weird and wonderful. For about 6-7 the journey was great though bumpy one. Then came along some wonderful people who decided to help keep the site going and did a brilliant job. But even those great things must end and today Cinehouse 9 years, 6 days old I've Decided to put Cinehouse into Hiatus. Not the end but at the moment closed for now.

Like to thank everyone  who has written for the site, read, likes, shared, gave opinion on the reviews and posts. If you're looking for World Cinema, indie, arthouse, classic film head over to The Peoples Movies which we'll cover more of what we did here.

30 May 2013

Horror Writers Wanted - Join Us At Cinehouse & The People's Movies

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Creatures of the night Cinehouse & The People's Movies wants you! We're looking for passionate individuals  'dying' (pardon the pun, sorry!) to share their skills as writers and show their love for all things Horror. Contemporary, trashy, hollywood, cult, Asian, world cinema, Classic, good or bad  if it's Horror we want you .

Share that passion through reviewing some of the latest films, relive classic films through retrospectives  or simply create exciting fresh original articles, features or lists. Horror fans want news watch the latest trailers so you'll know where to look to get those, it can be in separate posts or combine weekly, fortnightly posts the format, timescale we'll discuss nearer the time. We will consider other forms like podcasts, youtube reviews too as we want to give you that platform to shine!

Due to the nature of the genre most film reviews most will be on DVD or BluRay however there will be times cinema previews online previews possibly the odd festival press passes too! This is not a review only position though it will take up most of the position but once your in there will be opportunities to write and review in other parts of Cinehouse and The People's Movies too.

Sadly this is not a paying position we would love too but what we can offer is chance to watch films before their release dates, freebies, etc... Ideal for someone attempting to break into the industry or just a fan of film like us wanting to share their love for all things film!

To apply to join us we need some details  and here's what we need:

  • Name and town 
  • Age
  • 2 samples of your previous work (web links to reviews, pieces you have written)
  • A paragraph on why we should pick you to be a horror writer (max 500 words)

Send the above to  label email 'horror writers'
Freelancers are welcome.

29 May 2013

Anime Writers Wanted, Join Us At Cinehouse & The People’s Movies

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Kwonicha ! We’re recruiting again and we want you and that’s the Anime Writers! We’re looking for lovers who have a passion for all things Japanese, are you that person?

Do you want to review the latest reviews from Manga Entertainment and MVM but it’s not all about the reviews. Post the latest news from the world of anime, the latest trailers, create fresh original but most of all entertaining articles and features help create The People’s Movies & Cinehouse into a hub for Anime fans? If you your passion also lies in Asian cinema in general we can help you out there too and we’ll do our best to give you a platform to share your passion?

We’re looking for a couple of writers who have written for sites before or someone really eager to get first steps, so do you have what it takes? Remember this isn’t just for reviews they are probably most important part of working with us. So can you work on your own initiative know where to look for the latest Anime news, trailers to create your posts?

Unfortunately we can’t offer any money however you will be able to keep those MVM and Manga Entertainment releases you will review, we can provide you with the Anime films to review, maybe occasionally the odd cinema screening, passes for festivals. What are you waiting for then? Get in touch now, Freelancers are welcomed

So how do you sign up?

  1. Your Name &Age
  2. Location (what is your home town name)
  3. 2 sample links to previous posts
  4. Reasons on why we should pick you (500 words maximum)
  5. If your freelancer let us know

Where do I send the above too? label your email 'Anime Writer' and email the info we need to

Please Note The Peoples Movies And Cinehouse are UK based websites so if you live outside UK we cannot provide anime to review, however if you are keen to help using your own sources please do get in touch.

11 July 2012

Cinehouse Going, Reviewers, Anime, Horror Writers Wanted

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This weekend it's time to give Cinehouse it's deserved upgrade. This Sunday (possibly Monday) will soon become after nearly 3 years in existence(3 years this September) the blog deserves its early birthday present.  So keep your eyes opened for the change(eye on facebook page too for updates) , then upgrade your bookmarks. With new upgrade comes opportunities to join the team, so we're recruiting!

Are you passionate about film?Especially World Cinema, Independent, Arthouse, Cult & Classic film, Anime?  Do you get a little agitated when you read reviews which you don’t agree with? Are you looking for a platform to showcase your own views? Then Cinehouse  is the site for you!
We’re currently looking to join our team; reviewers & writers.

You will be able to attend preview screenings, premiers (London), watch DVD/Blu-Ray, attend film festivals, film related events, write articles and write in the knowledge that your views are your own and will be respected.

So where do I sign up?  Fill in the small contact form tell us a little about yourself, why you want to join us and if you’ve done some reviews (or articles if writer only) send us links to some examples of your previous work.

If you’re just interested in helping write some film related articles & features, attend interviews also please do get in touch as well, we’d love to hear from you too!

Joining the team at cinehouse will give you opportunities to write for The Peoples Movies too. Here's some area we love you to get involved in...

Reviewers – reviewing the latest cinema releases to latest in the best (and worst) of DVD, Blu Ray releases, also a chance to review short films and at film festivals.
Writers -  Show off passion for film&cinema with creating engaging, factual, informative articles, features, retrospectives and you can even make them funny most of all be creative. You can have a chance to create a regular column.
Interviewers – A chance to interview actors, filmmakers, upcoming talent face to face or on phone and when things are quiet create posts from existing interviews from great sources or attend press conferences.
Anime writers – review the latest anime releases (we work with MVM, Manga Entertainment, Studio Canal), post trailers,latest  news in various formats from daily, weekly even monthly.
Horror Writers – bring us the latest trailers, news  and review a few films from the horror world. Present a weekly/monthly at the peoples movies and daily at cinehouse.
News Hunters – Post the latest news, gossip, trailers, clips from top film sites

So where do you sign up?  Simple.

Send us a email, with a message telling us about yourself, what areas you would like to get involved in, what you can bring to the site. If you have worked on websites before 2 examples of your work will be good too.