15 August 2016

Film Review - The Shallows

Bloody Epic! One of my favourite films of the year!

The Shallows (15) is a new Shark Attach action/horror film from Sony Pictures. Starring Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), In UK Cinemas across the UK now!

While on Vacation in Mexico, Nancy (Lively), a young medical student and avid surfer from Texas is struck by a massive wavs and is then bitten in the leg by a shark. Managing to get to safely on a rock 200 yards from shore. She is faced with fighting off a great white shark in order to reach shore. Knowing that her only choices are to fight or die, while the shark circles her and stalks her every move.

The Shallows has come right at the perfect time. While I very much enjoy the Awful but yet highly enjoyable Sharknado series. I am so happy that we are getting a new summer shark attack block buster!

From start to finish I honestly thought this film was epic. It was sheer tension form the start and as I am terrified of sharks I loved this film. Which might seem odd to say. I am drawn to shark attack films, even though they scare me. I think that is the reason why I like them so much. This was pretty much everything you would want to see from a shark film. Thankfully this was a 15 rating in the UK, which of course means that we could see a little bit more action.

I think my strongest positive was that Blake Lively having to hold this whole film pretty much on her own. I think she don’t a terrific job and should be proud of this film. I think also the length of the film went in its favour. Only running for an hour and 29 minutes was the perfect length for a film of this genre. Although Jaws was over 2 hours, having a very limited plot meant having a longer film may have resulted in a some boring moments. Thankfully the film was epic and had no time to be boring.

I think it was completely the right time that we finally got an epic shark film. Jaws is and always will be a classic and of course nothing can beat it but, at least for me, this film came close. This might come as a shock to people, but I loved this film and will be buying it right away on Blu-Ray!

The shark itself was pretty realistic and I was so happy about that. I am not to sure what effects were used so I can’t comment on that aspect.

Seeing this film on the big screen with a sold out crowd on the films second night of release was amazing. Seeing it in cinema in all its glory was amazing and really helped the atomsphere.

I can not speak any higher of this film. It was a great film, great production and great acting.

There are one or two negatives which sadly I can not talk about as they are major spoilers and this si a film I want everyone to see. So I shall not mention anything.

Go see this film please it will be worth the ticket price!

Epic, Gripping, Action Packed and awesome!

★★★★1/2| Ross Wilcock

Thriller, Horror | 12A | USA, 2016 | Sony Pictures | 12th August 2016 (UK) | Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra | Blake Lively, Óscar Jaenada, Angelo Jose

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