18 August 2016



I bloody loved this French-Canadian film, even though it's got loads of guns and shooting in it. I normally don't dig that kind of film too much but this one has a great tight swift-moving little plot going for it and three or four super-hot French guys in it to soften the blow. Yeah, you guys know by now what way my mind works, haha. I can forgive a film anything if it has hot guys in it.

Anyway, what happens is as follows. There's this botched heist, see? I normally shudder when I hear the words botched heist. It usually means that what follows isn't going to be my cup of tea, except in the case of RESERVOIR DOGS and DOG DAY AFTERNOON, two of the better bank-job-gone-horribly-wrong movies. I'd put RABID DOGS in the category of superior botched heist flicks. Funny how they all have the word dog in their titles. Maybe it's a code name for botched heist...!

So, this robbery goes totally arseways, anyway, and it ends up with three of the robbers on the run from the cops. They're in humongous trouble as people have been killed along the way and now they're facing multiple murder raps as well as robbery charges. It was never meant to be this way, man...! You know the kind of thing.

They've hi-jacked a car in which a middle-aged dad is driving his sick daughter to the hospital for a transplant. They've also taken a hostage in the form of a beautiful young dark-haired woman whom, at the start of the film, we see trying on sexy lingerie for some reason so we already associate her with sex and sexibility, haha.

So too does Vincent, one of the robbers, whom my friend nicknamed 'Danny Douchebag' because he keeps forcing his sexual attentions on the female hostage while she's cradling the sick four-year-old girl in her arms. She should be grateful for his amorous attentions. Vincent is bloody gorgeous. Yeah, I know, I won't be winning any feminist awards any time soon, heh-heh-heh. They never even ask me to be on the cover of their monthly newsletter. Those mean cows. Can't get a man so they take it out on poor little me...!

Manu and Sabri, the other two guys, are really hot too. Manu is kind of the weakest link of the group of robbers and the female hostage, who by the way was abducted a mere three days into her honeymoon (which might explain the sexy underwear-buying, now I come to think of it!), keeps trying to appeal to his better nature, with varied success. 

Sabri is their self-appointed leader since their boss came a cropper in the heist. He's tightly wound and seems to have something to prove. If you look sideways at him, you could be in for a nasty surprise. He's trigger-happy and possibly a bit unhinged mentally. Mind you, none of them are exactly walking advertisements for glowing mental health. Even the dad with the sick child seems a little edgy, but then he is being abducted by three crazed robbers so that probably explains that.

We're basically following the robbers over the course of one day while they try to make their escape across-country in the hi-jacked car. They've managed to steal the money, incidentally, but they've got every cop in the country on the lookout for them because of the unintentional trail of destruction they've left behind them, so God alone knows if they'll ever get to spend their ill-gotten gains. Thus far, it's not looking good for them.

Also, their mugshots are being shown on every TV in the land so the lads feel like rats in traps and tensions are running extremely high. The action is fast-paced and it never flags, which is good news in a film like this. Great music and some gorgeous cinematography add to the overall excitement and look of the film, which is sexy, slick and stylish and well worth your time, in this humble reviewer's opinion.

Watch out for the Festival of the Bear, one of the strangest festivals I've seen in any film yet, and the scene with the poor old woman who's had the stroke. That bit's heart-breaking. A very powerful scene indeed. Keep a close eye on the dad with the glasses too, the guy whose car the robbers hi-jacked. He'll bear watching. There's a stunning twist at the end as well, which always helps to keep an eager audience begging for more.

This film, which by the way is a re-make of the 1974 film of the same name by Mario Bava, was screened at FRIGHTFEST 2015 and it's being released on DVD on 22nd August 2016 courtesy of the nice people at METRODOME, whom I'm sure you've heard me mention before

They've been responsible for releasing some brilliantly messed-up films into the community in the past, much like- ahem!- nicely-rehabilitated mental patients, and I've personally found anything with their name on it to be well worth watching. Don't just take my word for it, though. Buy the film and judge for yourselves. It's a top-notch crime thriller and all the guys in it are hot. 'Nuff said...!


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