2 February 2017



'If he lives, you can have him...'

Picture the scene. I mean, really picture this. A handsome hubby is giving his beautiful brunette wife a jolly rogering from behind in the bedroom of their marital home. Are you picturing it? Hey, some of you are picturing it a little too well, knock that off...!

Anyway, hubby's going hell for leather, pants at half-mast, giving it to wifey good-style, his standing ovation surely can't be far away. Suddenly and without warning, a cultured male voice from the bedroom doorway says:

'Mind if I cut in...?'

The saying 'all hell breaks loose' is such a cliché but it admirably describes what happens next. Tom and Alison, the married couple, have just become the victims of a terrifying home invasion by a man with a rather strange agenda. He doesn't want money or their flatscreen telly, even though the couple obviously aren't short of a bob or two and their house is full of nice stuff.

No, this guy- Aaron's his name, by the way- doesn't seem bothered by material things. It's love he's after, believe it or not, and romance and sex and sensuality and desire, but not from beefy Tom. Oh no. Aaron only has eyes for Tom's wife Alison. They've met before, Aaron claims, and he was 'drawn' to her then. Now, he wants Alison to want him too.

To the couple's horror, he announces his intention of staying with them for the whole weekend. Will it be the weekend from hell and, even if Tom and Alison live to see Monday morning, will their marriage...? It's all to play for, folks, in this fantastic erotic horror-thriller that makes FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY look like a sack of crap.

I love all the stuff the viewer is privy to as the weekend unfolds, and the insights into Tom and Alison's home life that we're not supposed to know anything about. Just what exactly is hanging in their wardrobe, for example, and why does it make Aaron pity the beautiful Alison?

Ditto Tom's movie camera, on which he makes his nasty little home videos, and his mobile phone. What texts are on there? And whose ashes sit in an urn on the sitting-room mantelpiece? It appears that Tom and Alison's marriage and their life together as a couple hides many painful secrets. Will Aaron's home invasion give them a much-needed airing? Opening Pandora's Box isn't always the smartest idea...

Edward Akrout, who plays the intelligent and obviously educated Aaron, is the image of singer Jeff Buckley. The film could have used some full-frontal nudity from him, haha, although I think the film-makers knew what they were doing when they decided to go with 'less is more' instead. I personally was left gagging for more. More from Aaron and Alison, in particular, two extremely interesting and engaging characters.

And Aaron's encyclopaedic knowledge of knots! Jaysis. Clearly he was in the Boy Scouts. Or maybe his parents sent him away to sea when he was a lad. That would explain his ability to tie the most complicated and intricate-looking knots.

Or maybe he's just really, really into bondage and other kinky shit. Hours of practising on a blow-up doll maybe, haha. Certainly Aaron is pervy enough to enjoy himself rather a little too much while sniffing around in Tom and Alison's private dildo drawer.

I once had a boyfriend who was obsessed with bondage and all that tying-up stuff. I remember the time I allowed him to spend three hours tying me up in the most elaborate knots you could ever imagine. When he was done, he sat down on the bed, exhausted, and smoked a cigarette.

'Um, what happens now?' I asked him hopefully, barely able to contain my excitement. I'm sure you know what I meant. He looked at his watch and shrugged.

'I might just have time to untie you before my bus,' he said. 'Or do you think you can manage by yourself...?'

That was the end of our relationship, and it was my own choice. A little bit of bondage as part-and-parcel of a healthy, active sex-life, that's fine. As an end in itself, well, you can fuhgeddaboutit, as the Mafia might say. I'm a busy woman, goddammit. I just don't have the patience for all that knot-tying.

Anyway, this brilliant but nerve-shredding sexy horror-thriller is the first feature film from RAINDANCE RAW TALENT, a company I hope we'll be hearing more from in the future. It'll be available to watch on VOD, in conjuction with the excellent ARTSPLOITATION FILMS, in the next few days. Here, to be precise, are the exact details:

Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. will be released on major VOD sites including Amazon, VUDU, GogglePlay, Vimeo, PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox onTuesday, February 7, 2017

There aren't many good films out there with sadomasochism as an underlying theme. Even the aforementioned FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY is a bit tame for all the genuine bondage aficionados in the world. DEADLY VIRTUES: LOVE. HONOR. OBEY. is one of the good ones. Great acting, a terrific script, a clever twist ending and some truly awe-inspiring knots see to that. Miss it at your peril, and I really, truly mean that, y'all.


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