21 May 2017

Watch The Trailer For Angelina Jolie Produced Animation The Breadwinner

We do love anime and Studio Ghibli but if the movie is not from the iconic Japanese studio, Disney-Pixar sadly sometimes has a hard time convincing those regular filmgoers to try something a little different like this one, The Breadwinner. Thankfully more filmgoers are opening themselves up to smaller more independent movies like Ireland's Cartoon Saloon latest movie, the studio that brought us Oscar-nominated The Secret Of Kellis and Song Of The Sea. Those movies picked up lots of nominations so could The Breadwinner follow suit? With Angelina Jolie producing and Secret Of Kellis co-director Nora Twomey making her directorial feature, I think we can say it's got a great chance to be in the running for next year's Oscars. Today we get a chance to check out the first trailer and it's gorgeous movie of a young girl who has to grow up ahead of her time in the Taliban-run Afghanistan...

The movie is adapted from Deborah Harris Young Adult novel by Anita Doron, The Breadwinner we meet Parvana is a 12-year-old girl growing up under the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. When her father is arrested, Parvana dresses as a boy in order to work and provide for her family. Together with her best friend Shauzia, she risks discovery to try to find out if her father is still alive.

Jolie herself made a statement about the movie and her involvement "I am proud to be a part of this beautiful film with this timely and very important subject matter.Millions of girls around the world have to grow up before their time, working to provide for their families at a very young age and in difficult circumstances. They have the strength to do what no one should ask little girls to do. I hope this film is able to bring this discussion to a broader audience. As much as it is an important and very meaningful film, it also stands on its own as a great piece of art. Director Nora Twomey and her team have done something very special. They have breathed life into the characters and paid respect to the subject matter and to a country where women often struggle."

We don't have an official UK release date just yet, but in the USA, The Breadwinner is been advertised for an Autumn release.
source: Empire

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