21 January 2018

Join Us! Writers Wanted For Cinehouse & The Peoples Movies

2009 Cinehouse started to compliment our main site The Peoples Movies and nine years later we're still alive and kicking. We love you to join our journey and join us a writer here at Cinehouse.

We love to cover the alternative side to Hollywood and mainstream cinema. From the latest independent releases to arthouse, World cinema. It's not all about the new releases we adore classic masterpieces, the cult classics or those unknown gems. Adoring short films or simply attending local film festivals.

It's not all about reviews we need someone who's willing to muck in post trailers, news or anything that we cover here at Cinehouse. Create articles, list, features that will entertain but also challenge our readers to debate. You a video blogger or podcaster?

We are looking for writers full of beans, bursting with ideas and creativity. You are able to create your own ideas, working on your own initiative as well as work on anything the editor will provide too. You will be willing to work at our sister site too.

If you're looking for a site to spread your love for film, or even your first steps into film criticism, Cinehouse and The Peoples Movies maybe your stepping stone. We may not be able to offer the world, but we can offer opportunity. To join us complete the form below, good luck...

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