3 February 2018

Julius Ramsay’s Midnighters Trailer Makes 'Killing Easy'

Killing is easy but getting away with it murder is murder in Julius Ramsay's Midnighters. As the movie makes its final stop offs on the film festival circuit, IFC Films has kicked off its theatrical run Stateside releasing the official Trailer.

The movie stars Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes), one half of a strained marriage (Dylan McTee the other half) on their way home from New Year celebrations. As they drive through the backwoods they accidentally run down a stranger. With things already at boiling point, the accident puts the pair to test when they learn the person they knocked down had ulterior motives against them.

The marks the cinematic feature debut for The Walking Dead director Julius Ramsay with his brother Alton writing the script.The movie really focuses on the fragility of marriage and when cracks seem to appear. Throw some scary elements from Thrillers and Horror genres we have a uniquely interesting movie on the cards and the early reviews back that up!

A New Years night becomes a long day’s journey into dread for one seriously unlucky couple in this wild ride nerve-twister. On their way home from ringing in midnight on January 1, married-with-problems Lindsay (Alex Essoe) and Jeff (Dylan McTee) accidentally run down a man in the middle of the road. Things look bad when they panic and stash the body in the backseat. Things look worse when they discover that the stranger they hit may have had sinister intentions involving the couple and their family. And things go off the rails when a certain psychotic “Detective Smith” (Ward Horton) comes calling… The scarily gripping feature debut from The Walking Dead director Julius Ramsay careens with hairpin twists and genre-defying surprises.

IMDB states Midnighters was released in the UK and Ireland September 2017, but there's no sign of the movie or on the usual Streaming channels. As for the USA, 2nd March there will be a limited cinema release with a VOD and Digital HD Download available same day.

The movie also stars Perla Haney-Jardine, Ward Horton, Andrew Rothenberg and Joseph Anderson.
source: EW

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