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24 June 2012

EIFF 2012: Brake Review

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Stephen Dorff stars in Gabe Torres' claustrophobic thriller, Brake, which proves to be far more than another Buried. Receiving its UK premiere at this years' Edinburgh International Film Festival, Brake provides some highly entertaining B-Movie thrills alongside another stellar performance from Dorff.

Secret Service agent, Jeremy Reins (Dorff) wakes up trapped in the boot (or trunk, for the non-Brits) of a car, with no recollection as to how he got there. Reins is forced to endure a series of physical and mental tortures as terrorists attempt to extract the location of Roulette, the President's secret bunker.

Tim Mannion's screenplay may not be the most original piece of writing in recent years, with obvious parallels to Rodrigo Cortes' Buried being raised. However, Mannion does attempt to deviate from his predecessor with the inclusion of some well contained action. We're talking shootouts, flooding and bees (calm down Wicker Man '06 fans), all just some of the high-octane antics that you can expect from Brake. These thrills combined with Torres' tense, claustrophobic direction, make Brake, a enthralling, well contained action film. You have got to hand it to a team that can make eighty-five minutes of film set in one claustrophobic location, this engaging.

As the only actor on screen throughout the majority of Brake, Stephen Dorff truly excels in his performance, both physically and emotionally. The viewers' gaze rests firmly on the Somewhere star, feeling totally connected to the character of Jeremy - we are with him during this whole ordeal. Even when handling some atrocious dialogue or Jack Bauer style screams, Dorff's performance retains a sincerity and likeability whilst also managing to stay convincing as an action hero, surely no easy task when you are confined to a Perspex box.

As well as the clichés to be found in Brake's dialogue, they can also be seen through several narrative features like Jeremy's remorseful phone call to his distant wife or through Tom Berenger's shady CIA big shot character. However, Brake does make up for this with some unexpected paranoia-infused twists lurking in its conclusion.

Brake is an enjoyably tense thriller, boasting a stellar performance from the inimitable Stephen Dorff. Several high-octane thrills and an unexpected conclusion ensures that Torres' claustrophobic film is a completely worthwhile watch.

Andrew McArthur

Release: 29th June 2012 (EIFF)
Director: Gabe Torres Stars: Stephen DorffChyler Leigh ,Tom Berenger,

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28 December 2010

IFC Films Release THE Trailer For THE OTHER WOMAN Starring Natalie Portman

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IFC Films via Yahoo have released the offical trailer for THE OTHER WOMAN which is directed by Don Roos and stars Natalie Portman, Scott Cohen, Lisa Kudrow and Lauren Ambrose.
The story of this movie is about Emilia (Portman) a lawyers assistant who marries her boss (Cohen) away from jealous ex-wife (Kudrow), she becomes pregent but sadly tradegy strikes as their newborn baby dies. Trying to come to terms with and coping with the grief she finds it hard to connect with her new stepson William (Cahrlie Tahan) but things are made difficult with Williams mum constantly intefering.
2011 is going to some year for Natalie Portman after several years of poor movies it seems things are looking up with Black Swan only 3 weeks away (21 Jan) and a certain Oscar nomination. She also has No Strings Attached, Your Highness and of Course Thor to look forward to but in personal life she is now engaged to Black Swan fellow producer Benjamin Millepied whom she is also pregent with so this movie is a good insight into some of the tribulations of motherhood she could experience.
This movie was originally called ‘Love and Other Impossible Pursuits based on a Ayelet Waldman novel which originally premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2009 but dissapeared of the movie radar but now it will be released next week on VOD before its February 4th 2011 American cinematic release, nothing yet on a UK release. Trailer & new poster after the break....

5 December 2010

Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's AND EVERYTHINGS GOING FINE Documentary on Spalding Gray

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source Apple
IFC Films have debuted online the trailer for the Steven Soderbergh documentary AND EVERYTHINGS GOING FINE a movie focused on the actor Spalding Gray who died in 2004. To be honest I dont really know much about the man apart from his part in The Killing Fields, obvivously Soderbergh who is a character driven filmmaker did see alot in Spaldings life and he beleved his story must be told and the movie is his outcome.
The Doc consists mostly of recorded footage & interviews of Gray compiled into to making the movie which had already played the likes of Edinburgh & Sxsw festivals to positive reviews. The movie is due a cinematic release in USA on 10th December as for UK no date has been confirmed.


AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE, an incisive and entertaining portrait of Spalding Gray by director Steven Soderbergh provides an intimate look at the master monologist as described by his most critical, irreverent and insightful biographer: Spalding Gray. Soderbergh distills 25 years of rare and revealing footage to construct a riveting final monologue. An official selection of the SXSW, True/False and Edinburgh film festivals, this inspired one-man show is a bittersweet display of the writer-performer's playful and embattled intelligence, and his gift for tracking universal truths by looking himself squarely in the eye.
trailer after the break....

26 September 2010

Theatrical Trailer For Award Winning Documentary MARWENCOL

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Thanks to everyone keeping the faith with the blog as well the Peoples Movies, its been a hard time for all, I'm doing my best with a new job and now very limited time to post and been let down by several people who offered to help out and basically stabbed me in the back.
 There is however one person true to his word and helped me out thats Cinehouse supporter Pierre who alerted me to this, the theatrical trailer for MARWENCOL. This is a documentary is about Mark Hogancamp a man who was brutally assulted and beaten to a pulp left for dead leaving Mark with Brain damage and massive loss of memory. The documentary catalogues Mark's fascinatiing unusal road to recovery by creating 1:16 scale fictional town of Marwencol set in WW2 all created in his backyard and watching the movie you can see he has become consumed in the whole town.
The movie is also further evidence that people's road to recovery from a pyshical injury & psychological scars are different and the so called 'convental' way isn't always the answer.Marwencol is a captivating movie which you deeply connect with Mark and you do have the feeling you are on that road to recovery with him, its sad but deeply uplifting.
The movie has won numerous awards including SXSW, Cleveland, Seattle and Comic-Con Best Documentary Awards, so if thats not proof to check this out  well enough said. IFC Films will release the movie in USA on October 8th but no word on the British release, hopefully cinematically but more likely to be direct to DVD, trailer after the break....

10 August 2010

American Trailer for Gasper Noe's ENTER THE VOID

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Source affenheimtheater
Just last week I posted the poster and opening credits for Gasper Noe's ENTER THE VOID, well today IFC Films have posted the offical American trailer for the film which you can check out after the break.

This is Noe'slong awaited follow up movie since the  controversial Irreversible which premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film festival. I dont know why its taken so long for the movie to get an American distributor (still no sign of a UK release though) possibly a sign of how difficult a movie to promote or simply the directors reputation prevails.This marketing is however less risque than the Japanese one which did portray alot of the movies sexual nature though this version does play up on the drug side of things

The trailer does a fantastic job promoting the movie well I do love the strobe lighting, colour scheme of the movie which is a brilliant repersentation of the Tokyo Nightlife where the movie is based in. IFC Films are giving this flick a limited release stateside from September 24th.

Trailer and synopsis after the break...