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14 November 2013

Review - John Pilger's Utopia

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Release Date:
15th November 2013 (UK)
John Pilger
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In new documentary Utopia, the Australian journalist John Pilger sets out to examine the suffering felt by his native country’s indigenous population, a problem caused by the British Empire’s colonisation of Australia.

Pilger’s film is a noble attempt to highlight the poverty and awful living conditions felt by the Aboriginal people, an issue that most of the world - and Australia’s European descendants – remain blissfully unaware of. This is made evident when Pilger interviews individuals whilst they are celebrating Australia Day, enquiring as to what the original population should take away from the country’s national day. Each interviewee shows incredible ignorance of the subject, stating that the Aboriginal’s want to live that way – in shacks with no running water or functioning toilet. Pilger also conducts interviews with members – past and present – of Australia’s government whose job it was to protect these people, and failed. Footage of Aboriginal living conditions today compared with that filmed several decades ago seems to show that nothing has changed at all.

In Utopia, Pilger firmly asserts that for such a wealthy country, Australia’s indigenous people should not be living this way; and that, this vast land was in fact never for the taking in the first place. These are issues that everyone should know about, but with a long running time combined with a slow, ponderous pace, the film may not appeal to the audiences that need to be informed.

UTOPIA is in cinemas from 15 November with a Nationwide Q&A with John Pilger on Monday 18 November at Picturehouse Cinemas. Available on DVD 2 December


Sophie Stephenson

21 June 2010

Yo!Saigon! Trailer for Hip Hop drama ELECTRIC SAIGON

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source TwitchFilm
Saigon Electric is the new indie drama from The Owl and the Sparrow director Stephane Gauger.
Gauger is a big fish in the arthouse-indie cinema network and he's teamed upwith Veitnamese Chanh Phuong Films to produce the county'r first ever hip-hop musical drama which is been lined up for a mid-December release, here's Gauger's description of the movie...

In my wish of telling universal stories with a global outlook and a distinctly Vietnamese point of view, the seeds of "Saigon Electric" were planted. Continuing the themes of my first narrative feature "Owl and the Sparrow", my hope is to create a visceral landscape of the hustle and bustle in modernized Vietnam. More than half of Vietnam's current population is under the age of eighteen, born after the American War. As the doors of the West have opened up to the nation and consumerism weaves its way into the value system, youth culture is seeping onto the streets of Vietnam. Hip-hop, graffiti artists, and punk rock are alive. My wish is to give these teenagers a voice and present to an international audience a fresh new look at the dreams and struggles of Asian youth.