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7 February 2014

Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises Gets A UK Cinema Release Date

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 After months of speculation on when Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises will finally arrive in the UK.Today via their Twitter account StudioCanal put British anime fans minds at rest , the anime maestro's Swansong will arrive in UK cinemas on 9th May.

Here's the  the tweet which also gives you a chance to win a steelbook edition of one of the many classic Studio Ghibli blurays they have on offer...

It's been a long frustrating year for fans even critics here in UK since it's release in Japan Summer 2013 it's made it's  way slowly around the world's film festival circuit surprisingly not London Film Festival. Now the date has been set for the arrival of the film  we can finally look forward to some vintage Studio Ghibli most of all

The Wind Rises is inspired by Miyazaki's own personal dreams, the film centres around Jiro a young man inspired to become a aeronautical engineer. The Wind Rises is  the epic tale of love, perseverance, and the challenges of living and making choices in a turbulent world.The film is set in the first half of the 20th Century and will chronicle major events of his life from falling in love right upto Japan entering World War 2 a pivotal event in Jiro's career.

If you missed the  trailer here's another chance to watch it...

The Wind Rises will more likely be released in UK dubbed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt lending his voice to play adult Jiro along with Emily Blunt, Elijah Wood, Many Patinkin, Stanley Tucci, Martin Short, William H Macy even Werner Herzog all lend their voices to the film. Anime fans mark 9th May in your diaries however if you can't wait that long, This Sunday 9th February you can catch the UK premier at Glasgow Youth Film Festival (click on link to book/more info).
source: Yahoo UK

28 January 2013

Looper DVD Review

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When Looper was released in 2012 it made my top ten of the year. Directed by Rian Johnson (Brick) Looper is a smart science fiction movie with a high concept premise that does an about turn half way through its running time and heads off in an unexpected direction.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a mid 21st century assassin with a difference, a Looper. Working for an organised crime syndicate, he kills targets sent back from the future where time travel has been invented and is in the hands of criminals. All is running smoothly until he is called upon to ‘close his loop’ and assassinate his future self (Bruce Willis). When he fails to pull the trigger future Joe goes on the run.

Looper deftly avoids the raft of exposition and time travel paradox dialogue that bogs down many time travel adventures (and episodes of Star Trek). In a rather disturbing scene, a Looper’s younger self is tortured, and we see his present self change before our eyes into a disturbed, shell of a man. However this universe is strikingly close to our own. It’s recognisable and it’s close. No overindulgence by the director in recreating an alien future with all its shiny new technology. The differences are subtle, like viewing our own world through a cracked mirror.

The heart of the film is Emily Blunt, a tough as nails single mother who allows young Joe to hide out on her farm. Through her we get to explore the questions surrounding destiny, moral ambiguity and the nature vs. nurture debate.

Let’s not forget the action in Looper. Bruce Willis more than holds his own in the slick action sequences. In your mind’s eye you can almost see him in his white vest from Die Hard. But it is Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is the real stand out in this film. With the disconcerting prosthetics to make him appear like a plausible young version of Willis, he looks oddly askew from the actor we’re familiar with. Instead, the makeup actually masks his ordinarily boyish looks which would have made him a far less convincing character. He’s also racking up one of the best CVs in film.

Looper then is a worthy addition to the time travel genre, with shades of Blade Runner, Terminator 2 and Twelve Monkeys running through it – even if it does ask more questions than it eventually answers.

Vikki Mysercough


Rating: 15
DVD/BD Release Date:28th January 2013 (UK)
Directd By: Rian Johnson
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis , Emily BluntJeff Daniels
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21 October 2012

Your Sister's Sister Blu-Ray Review

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Any one who says love isn't complicated must be reading too many Mills 'n' Boon novels need to get a grip of reality. Life is complicated but is also beautiful in it's simplest form just like relationships, so introduce Lynn Shelton the director of Humpaday to the mix. Take those simple conventions of life make them complex going on farcical but most of all situations become truly believable resulting in the charming Your Sister's Sister.

Lost in emotional slump for the past year due to his brothers death Jack (Mark Duplass) takes the advice of his best friend Iris (Emily Blunt) to spend a week at her family's remote island retreat for a week of solitude and reflection. Upon arrival at the house Jack discovers some one is already there, Hannah (Rose Marie De Witt) Iris Sister who is also there for reflection with the end result the pair spending an awkward night together. The following morning the pair get an unexpected guest when Iris arrives at their front door setting off boundless revelations, complicated secrets and emotionally twisted tale of siblings and best friends, loyalty and love.

When you have a film that has improvisation or even improvisation in any form it can be a risky move. In Your Sister's Sister what we get is something that's brutally honest most of all very sincere.Everything is kept believable thanks to the characters who are likeable as well as creating a nice chemistry between the three leads which never feels forced. To highlight how natural and flowing things where Shelton captures the moment with scenes were shot in one shot which is a rarity these days.

Your Sister's Sister isn't a laugh out loud a minute film nor a romantic comedy in the same description as the Romcoms we get these days a dime a dozen. I would go as far as calling this more a sitcom as it's all in the dialogue and the rapport of the characters, also we don't get bombarded with long winding info on each character just enough to know she was with him, he is a slacker, she was with her then with him and Bob is your uncle.

Everything seems to work thanks to the performances of the cast. Mark Duplass despite the one been lumbered at times with the films 'awkward moments' handles Jack's part masterfully balancing his character's mischievous buffoonery with endless insecurities. His handling of the character probably thanks to him been one of the founders of Mumblecore sub-genre, so if Duplass is Ying Rose Marie De Witt must be Yang. As Hannah she is cheekily manipulative , homewrecker of sorts but also a fragile troubled soul too.Emily Blunt as Iris delivers a safe performance and been the bigger name of the three cast members credit goes to her as she proves she has the ability to improvise an area many other bigger names have either tried and failed miserably or don't even go near. You may also ask how come Iris and Hannah are sisters whilst one is American the other British? Don't have to Sherlock Holmes to figure it out but I won't spoil the moment as it's a funny scene but it gives the film an extra dimension. With De Witt been a late replacement for Rachel Weisz you wonder if this film would have worked with 2 British female leads?

In words of a former Colleague Your Sisters Sister is also a film that will be enjoyed 'by dudes' just as much as women.There's no fantasy fairytale scenarios just 3 normal fragile souls in need of some 'me time' but now finding themselves in a rather crowded retreat,a crowed house that leads to some farcical results. For all it's charms Your Sisters Sister does at times fell a little stretched , even flat at times but thanks to the simplicity of the plot and great performances from the cast it keeps the film interesting but most of all entertaining. The end scene may frustrate some of you but as improvisation is the name of the game here Lynn Shelton leaves this point of the film for you to improvise.

Paul Devine


Rating:15 (UK)
DVD/BD Release Date: 29th October 2012
Directed By: Lynn Shelton
Cast: Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt , Rosemarie DeWitt
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