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10 April 2013

Soda Pictures/Jinga Films to Re-release Julian Richards Summer Scars

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Soda Pictures has announced the UK DVD re-release of Julian Richards' BAFTA winning hostage horror SUMMER SCARS with a street day of May 6th 2013.

SUMMER SCARS tells the story of a gang of delinquents who ditch school to hang out in the woods where some hot rodding on a stolen moped changes the fate of their day. They crash into Peter, an ex-army loner, who is delighted to have some company. First he gains their trust by joining in their games, but then his behaviour begins to change. Peter uses what he has learned about the kids against them, bullying the aplha boys, belittling the weaker ones and saving his worst for the only girl of the group. As events spiral out of control the youths resort to extreme measures in order to survive the ordeal.

SUMMER SCARS re-unites Richards with lead actor Kevin Howarth, the dynamic director/actor team behind cult sensation THE LAST HORROR MOVIE. Richards has since directed the forthcoming Hollywood thriller SHIVER starring Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien, whilst Howarth has starred alongside Wesley Snipes in GALLOWWALKER and Sean Pertwee in THE SEASONING HOUSE.

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22 January 2013

Watch American Red Band Trailer For Neo-Giallo Tulpa

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He's seen as the new leaders of Italian Horror Federico Zampaglione and after his 2009 film Shadow, he returns with his Dario Argento inspired Giallo homage Tulpa.Jinga Films have today released a red band trailer which they have sent to us and you can check that trailer below.

After teasing at Film4 Frightfest Glasgow last year with his 7 minute preview the film premiered at the Film4 Fright Fest London later that summer and despite the best efforts the film came across rather comical.With its tacky sex scenes,with dubbing on par with a 1970's dubbed martial arts or even porn film it looks like Zampaglione has had a major wake up call. It seems a forced trip into the editing room  may have been a saving grace as the dubbing is better, some of the film about 20 minutes has been cut and the festival the film played at after Frightfest like Sitges the response have been alot more positive.

Starring Claudia Gerini (The Passion Of Christ), Michele Placido (Ages Of Love) Nuot Arquint (Shadow) and Michela Cescon, TULPA tells the story of a powerful stock broker who frequents a sex club owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. Unshackled from the pressure of her job she will do anything to attain a higher consciousness, but when her lovers are murdered in shocking ways, she tries to unmask the anonymous assassin with nightmare consequences.

Thanks to our good friends at Blogomatic3000 we where able to review Tulpa at Frightfest London read our views here.