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27 March 2015

MUBI Selects - Friday 27th March 2015

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It's time to relax as the weekend  has arrived 2 days of relaxation, and bliss chill out after the hard slog of the week.It's time to refuel your brain with sophistication and MUBI Selects.

In our latest weekly 'Mubi Selects' we've teamed with MUBI the purveyors of great cinema online curating a great selection of cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. It's an international community discovering wonderful intelligent thought provoking films MUBI is your passport to those great films.

MUBI unleash great new films every week and in our MUBI Selects we've picked  a selection of those great movies  help you enjoy that lazy weekend you desire...

Let The Right One In (2008)| Thomas Alfredson
A genuinely beautiful film and a rarity these days a film with originality. Let The Right One In delivers a dark edged coming of age tale, a modern day vampire story, an arthouse classic. Everyone gets lonely this story embraces the loneliness a story of Oskar a young boy, whose an outsider, left to fend for himself and also a victim of bullies. One cold night he meets an mysterious girl called Eli and as the a romance blossoms Oskar learns that Eli has a dark secret.This film is endearing compelling film that deserves your precious free weekend time.

Marriage Italian Style (1964) |Vittorio De Sica

Sophia Loren is the quintessential figure of beauty when it comes to beautiful women in film and this film showcases her beauty as well as a wonderful remind us why her on screen chemistry with Marcello Mastroianni was one of film's best ever. Marriage Italian Style is sexism and misogyny of the times A clever satirical tale of gender politics backed up by a wonderful incandescent Loren delivers why we love Italian cinema so much. Loren plays the long suffering mistress of wealthy Domenico who dreams of been more than his 'bit on the side' and hatches a plan to get her wish.

Downfall (2004) | Oliver Hirschbiegel
if your looking for a powerhouse performance that deserved Oscar recognition you can't go wrong with Bruno Ganz's in Downfall. Playing the genocidal Adolf Hitler and final days of the Nazi dictator in his Berlin bunker the end days of WWII all told through the eyes of his secretary Traudl Junge. It may not be the easiest film to watch, a stark devastating film may try to show you the man with compassion but confirming man full of hate.

Hawaii, Oslo (2004) | Erik Poppe

If you enjoy Lars Von Trier's (even Ruben Ostlund) films that have intersecting stories Hawaii, Osla will do the trick. Poppe is one of Scandinavia's film contemporaries drawn to human portraits showcasing through every one of the senses, compelling, satirical, emotional. The film is set in one of Oslo's hottest days when strangers paths cross like a nurse who senses the future when sleeping and a suicidal pop star who craves the past...

For a price of a coffee from one of those chains what better way to enjoy the weekend and every day great films at MUBI? click below to get more info on the other fantastic films on offer...