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18 November 2010

Trailer For the uncensored SEX AND ZEN 3D!!!

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All around the world it seems film studios want to deceive us of our hard earned cash by creating more and more movies as 3d movies, 99% are just poor with about 1% good/ promising. At first there would only be an exclusive number of movies be released in 3d but now its anything and I mean anything, even sex films!!!
The latest edition to the endless list is the new reworking of the classic Chinese movie SEX AND ZEN now named 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. Stephen Siu  the producer behind the original is also behind the new version with some sexy Japanese buxoms  Saori Hara and Reiko Suho leading the line for the female cast. The production does look ofdecent qaulity with some fun comedy  to give the movie a professional feel with a big remencisent to old 1970's sexploitation Japanese movies rather than cheap shoddy efforts.
If your a connisouer of Japanese adult movies (cough, cough) the movies have the genetailla pixelated but fear not here boys and girls its uncesenored! Enjoy!!

trailer after the break....