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8 August 2013

Horror Channel Presenter Emily Booth To Produce And Star In Selkie

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Horror Channel presenter and actress Emily Booth steps behind the lens to make her first short film – SELKIE, a dark revenge fairytale, in which she also stars in the title role - as a beautiful and vengeful sea creature.

The plot, based on an ancient Celtic myth, sees Selkie enslaved to a drunken fisherman when he finds her shedded skin on the beach. Refusing to return her skin to her, the Selkie law of nature means she is now bound to him as his 'land wife' unable to return to her true form, and to the sea. Until one day, many years later, when she exacts her revenge and finally is able to transform back into her true form.

Emily assembled her own team for the project including concept artist Danny McMahon (who came up with the original drawings of the Selkie creature) and SFX artist Robbie Drake (Nightbreed, The Seasoning House)

Emily said today: “My aim is to create something truly unique and memorable, a dark and haunting adult fairytale, with a spectacular creature transformation sequence, all shot in Medieval locations. Yes it’s a challenge and will not be cheap which is why I’m using the innovative crowd funding site Kickstarter.”

Check out concept art image for Selkie below  and for more information plus a video of Emily Booth sharing her passion for the project head over to the film's Kickstarter page where you also donate to the film too.

Selkie Kickstarter Page link 

5 August 2013

FrightFest, Horror Channel & Movie Mogul reveal their top six finalists for 666 Short Cuts To Hell

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FrightFest and Movie Mogul, in association with Horror Channel, challenged aspiring filmmakers all over the country to make a short horror film, but 666 Short Cuts To Hell was no ordinary film competition. Entrants had to follow a series of 'killer' restraints such as a maximum of 6 lines of dialogue, a maximum of 6 cast and crew members and a maximum budget of £666.

A staggering 157 entries made the grade and the overall winner will be announced at FrightFest 2013 on Sunday Aug 25 after the screening of all six films. On hand to congratulate all six finalists will be the distinguished judging panel; Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth, FrightFest director Paul McEvoy, Movie Mogul’s John Shackleton, Filmmaker Paul Hyett and journalist Rosie Fletcher. Tom Six is planning to attend subject to his commitments on Human Centipede 3.

Apart from the honour of being showcased at the UK’s biggest genre festival, the six finalists will also have their films screened on Horror Channel, with the overall winner receiving £6,666 courtesy of Horror Channel and the opportunity to develop a feature film under mentorship from Movie Mogul.

Chris Sharp, Chief Programming Officer, Chello Zone, said today:: “The film industry has some incredible talent emerging as seen in our inaugural 666 Short Cuts To Hell competition. It’s been a huge but highly enjoyable task to watch all 157 entries and a very difficult decision process to select the final six. Many more of the short films deserve recognition and exposure so we pledge to broadcast as many as we can on the channel. I’m proud Horror Channel is a platform for rising stars in the industry and we will continue to do all we can to support young talent.

John Shackleton, M.D of Movie Mogul added: ".This competition exceeded our expectations by a long way. So many terrific short films, but so little space in the top 6! I'm thrilled with the final selection and can't wait to see who wins!"

Here are the six films…

Six Degrees of (Limb) Separation.
Directed by Mikel Iriarte Cast: Leo Charlton, Madeleine Dunbar, Sam Atkind.

6 Seconds To Die.
Directed by Rick James. Cast: Emma Drysdale, Emily Petrolo & John Rackham

6 Shooter
Directed by David Wayman. Cast: Ed Judd, Aston Fisher, Tom Murton, Teya Simone, Kym Chapman, Dan Lord.

6th Sense
Directed by Alice Moet, CAST: Ellie Manson, Bethany Jackson, Oanne Mitchell, Angela Beadle, Dominic Brunt, Mark Newby.

6 Feet Under
Director: Weronika Tofilska. Cast: Harriet Neville. Jon Readwin, Ewan Stewart, Stephanie Blake & Agis Pitlis.

Six Feet Under
Directed by Joe & Lloyd Stas. Cast: Helen Booden, Tom Stas, Lloyd Stas, Ben Galler

2 April 2013

Get Crazy! Night Of The Trailers Heads To Prince Charles London For Night of 35mm Nostalgia

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Night Of The Trailers 35MM Edition bring madness, mayhem and cinematic nostalgia back to the big screen at London’s home of cult films: The Prince Charles Cinema.

Presented by Alex Kidd, this 40-minute compilation of 35MM vintage trailers and rarely-seen adverts from the 70s and 80s includes GET CRAZY (1983), a chaotic music comedy, unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before.

Alex Kidd said today: “As Night Of the Trailers, I’ve been bringing London the best in obscure film trailers over the last few years, including providing trailer mayhem at Film4 FrightFest, and my own trailer events at venues throughout London. But nothing can prepare you for this event!”.

Tickets £6.50 / Members £4 - available from The Prince Charles Cinema box office and via

Facebook/nightofthetrailers Twitter/nightoftrailers

22 January 2013

First Light has announced its nominees for the First Light Awards 2013.

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Now in their 11th successive year, First Light is proud to announce the nominees for the 2013 First Light Awards, which will take place at theOdeon Leicester Square on 19 March 2013. Known as the mini Oscars®, the ceremony is attended by a mix of film industry luminaries and celebrities who present the young people with awards across various categories, including Best Drama, Best Animation, Best Film by Under 12s, Best Film by Over 13s and FILMCLUB of the Year Award. The Awards is an uplifting celebration of young filmmakers from across the country which provides them with industry recognition and a platform to showcase their work.

Nominees hail from all over the UK, including Glasgow, Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham, London, Liverpool and more, and their films explore a wide range of issues, such as bullying in school, mental health issues, young offenders revealing why they committed crimes, and a drug abuser getting back on track through music.

The young filmmakers come from a wide variety of social backgrounds and experiences – including those with learning difficulties, young offenders and those from deprived areas – with each filmmaker imparting a unique aspect of themselves into their films.

First Light helps young people from all backgrounds develop skills, talent, creativity and confidence by giving them opportunities to create their own short films with the help of industry professionals. The films the young people create cover many topics and genres, and make use of today’s accessible digital technologies to tell their stories with them in control. The roles of cast and crew would have been undertaken by various members of the young people in the group. Each would have had the opportunity to write, act, shoot, direct, light, edit, produce and screen their own film.


Bracknell Forest Youth Offending Team
Two boys fall out and the only way they can resolve their differences is to play a game of Pig with their scooters. However the story nearly ends in tragedy when one scooter is sabotaged and their relationship is tested.
Aged 12-13
This film was a collaborative production between a group of four young people from Bracknell Forest Youth Offending Service and guided by professional filmmakers from Big Up Films. All of the participants are young offenders who had expressed an interest in making their own film. Through this project, the young people have developed their communication skills, had the chance to use professional filmmaking equipment and are more willing to work with others.

Transition Day
North Walsham High School
Starting High School can be a scary time. What if there are bullies? What about all the homework? What if you don't like the food? Transition tells the story of the Super Awesomeness Gang, as they work together to overcome their fears.
Aged 11-12
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 12 young people from North Walsham High School and guided by professional filmmakers from C Media. All of the participants had just finished primary school and had been selected as part of a government initiative to narrow the gap in disadvantaged during the transition to secondary school. Through this project, the young people have developed their literacy and communication skills, explored and addressed their fears for starting secondary school and made new friends.

Fork In The Road
Wrexham Youth Justice Service
Two friends get involved in a violent incident but when they get caught, will they choose to redeem themselves or dig their hole even deeper.
Aged 16-17
This film was a collaborative production between a group of three young people from Wrexham Youth Justice Service and guided by professional filmmaker, Dion Thorpe. All of the participants are young offenders and the film is inspired by their own experiences of the youth justice system. Through this project, the young people have developed their communication skills; have a greater understanding of their own abilities, which has led to them all continuing to engage in filmmaking activity.  

Watch Your Language
Fosse Way School
Has someone said anything that you found confusing? Sometimes words mean exactly what they say and sometimes words or phrases have a different meaning. These are called Figures or Speech or Idioms and can be mystifying. Watch You Language explores words and phrases we use every day that can lead to a misunderstanding.
Aged 11-14
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 32 young people from Fosse Way School and guided by professional filmmaker, Kari Nygård. All of the young people have learning difficulties and/or disabilities and teachers had previously found it difficult to engage such a large group in the same activity. Through this project, the young people have developed their communication and teamwork skills, they are more confident in their abilities and better behaved in group activities.


I’m Here
Film City Production Agency
Taking a cue from the Olympic and Paralympic values of friendship, courage and equality, young people living together in a children’s home introduce their “home”. They dispel stereotypes and misconceptions and discuss the highs and lows of their lives in care, the strong friendships that are built & the heart wrenching break up of those relationships.
Age 13-17
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 14 young people from Derby Children in Care Services and guided by professional filmmakers at the Film City Production Agency. All of the participants are in care and often had difficulty in maintaining attendance. Through this project, the young people have developed a clearer sense of focus and ambition which has led to increases in school attendance and willingness to listen to career advice and guidance.

Work Experience: It’s A Journey
Furze Down School
This film follows special needs students as they undertake work experience.
Joshua is having a taster day at a local theatre, Kieron is helping out in a local charity shops for a few weeks and Ellie has been working at the Dog’s Trust for over two years.
Aged 16-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 15 young people from Furze Down School and guided by professional filmmakers at Sixth Sense Media. All of this group have various special needs. Communication & interaction were the major issues for the group and this project gave them the opportunity to practice communicating with each other. This in turn developed their self-confidence and they demonstrated a greater ability to work as a team.

Dream Land
Medb Fiilms Ltd
With 68 different languages being spoken in Margate today, this documentary investigates the integration difficulties the Roma and local teenagers face. Looking at community violence, in particular the knife fights that started in Dalby Square, young teenagers discuss the myths surrounding immigration.             
Aged 12-24
This film was a collaborative production with a group of 46 young people from Kent Community Organisation and guided by professional filmmakers at Medb Fiilms. The documentary allowed the participants to openly discuss the racism in the area.  The project was designed to improve relations between the Eastern European migrants, Gypsies and local British residents, through the creative means of film production, this has been achieved.

Days That Made Us
Somerset Film
We all make choices. Some choices move us on, some move us back to places best left behind. In this frank and powerful documentary, a group of young offenders reveal the decisions they took that led them to committing crime.
Aged 16-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 15 young people from Somerset Youth Offending and Bridgwater YMCA and guided by professional filmmakers Somerset Film. The group were difficult to engage due their chaotic lives. Many of them had very low confidence, were depressed and disengaged. They said that getting up knowing that they were doing something constructive that day felt good.
The project gave them a focus and a chance to be creative and to be involved in something positive. 


Charming Southwark
The Cuming Museum
What do charms mean to you?
Inspired by the Lovett Collection at Southward’s Cuming Museum, this mixed media documentary examines how the meanings of charms have changed for people over the years. In the past, they were used for protection and good luck but nowadays they are more often simply fashion accessories. Using interviews from people with different cultural backgrounds, the young people leant that some charms have personal significance.
Aged 13-17
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 16 young women from Cuming Museum Youth Panel and guided by professional filmmakers at Chocolate Films. All felt an enormous sense of achievement along with improved teamwork, confidence and self-esteem. They believed the project would have a positive impact on their school work especially ICT, media and photography.

Ghost Girl
Thomas Adams Media Arts Programme
The face of a young girl appears in the flames of a great fire. Is it the infamous Wem ghost?
This short film uses archive footage and animation to reveal the truth behind the notorious Wem Town Hall Ghost photograph. Are ghosts real? Spooky stories of ghost cats and scary anecdotes of strange goings on add to the mystery.
Aged 12-16
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 20 young people from Thomas Adams School & Sir John Talbots School and guided by professional filmmakers Thomas Adams Media Arts Programme. One participant had a significant stammer during script development but this disappeared after some coaching. He was determined to fix his stammer as he now wants to pursue a career in the media. All of those involved in the filmmaking elements are very keen to continue and are already working on new ideas for projects.

Echoes of Substance Abuse
Twin Vision
An insight into the effects of substance abuse.
Following Mike, aka Rapper Innuendo’s journey from drug abuse to musician, we learn how he turned his life around to develop a successful music career free from drugs.
Aged 15-25
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 17 young people from Sefton Youth Service and guided by professional filmmakers at Twin Vision.
At first, most of the group wished to stay behind the scenes but as their confidence grew so did their participation. Meeting inspiring professionals fully engaged those low achievers and those with low attention spans. All involved grown emotionally, dealing with challenging and sensitive issues with great care.  They learnt the professional language of film, and were able to deconstruct a visual narrative. Several are now pursuing careers in film and media studies.

Hopeless or Courageous?
The Lighthouse Group
Read the real label.
Some groups of young people can be typically viewed as growing up to be hopeless cases. An onlooker watches a group of young people and labels them mugger, vandal, shoplifter and drunk. However, a closer look reveals something altogether more courageous.
Aged 12-18
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 35 young people from TLG and Hanson School and guided by professional filmmakers at The Lighthouse Group. 
The group are from a variety of complex backgrounds. Through the project, all improved their team building skills as well as self-confidence, meeting new people and talking to adults. Challenging behaviours were replaced with enquiries about continuing filmmaking with diplomas and media studies at Bradford College. One young woman with a particularly difficult history grew enormously, finding her passion for filming, helping her concentration levels which had a positive impact in other areas of her life.


It Will Be Fine
Somerset Film
A busy life online might mean you miss what’s happening around you.
A young woman chats with her friends online failing to notice that her pet mouse is about to drown. Will she sacrifice social media to save her pet’s life?
Aged 13-14
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 14 young parents from Avonbourne School and guided by professional filmmakers Somerset Film. The group had great resistance to thinking and discussing climate change and the environment.  The project drew them into this topic and gave them a chance to explore why they don’t like to talk or think about it. By the last session the young people said that their attitude to the environment had changed and that they were now interested in being involved in issues around climate change.

High Above The Sky
S.P.I.D. Theatre Company
Little Leo loves sweeties but when he steals a whole jar, he soon regrets having to go on the run.
Little Leo helps himself to a jar of sweeties in the supermarket. His Dad tells him off so he goes on the run. However, when he finds himself heading for the moon, he starts to wish he’d never been naughty.
Age 5-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 58 young people from Kensal Youth and guided by professional filmmakers at Mew Lab and Twisted Noodle. This group came from very diverse backgrounds, young offenders, young refugees and care homes. All of them were inspired by the project feeling very proud of their first achievement in film. The young offenders said the project made them see learning in a different light. They were all far more technically adept than first thought, lending to a very professional animation.

Olympic Fortunes
Wind & Foster
Clairvoyant, Mystic Maggie, loses patience with her overly superstitious customers.
The year is 2012 and it is only a few days before the Games. Unfortunately for Britain, there is a crisis of confidence; Olympians everywhere are looking for more than lucky shorts.
Aged 10-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 23 young people from Northamptonshire Bangladeshi Association and Tag Youth and guided by professional filmmakers at Wind & Foster. The majority of participants are excluded or at risk from being excluded from school. Usually working in single sex groups, this project ran mixed sex workshops which boosted confidence in both sexes in talking to each other & in turn their creativity. Animation proved an incredible tool for working with young people with behaviour problems. The group spent lots of time working on the script.

A bitter sweet tale of love and loss.
Matt stargazes, searching the sky every night looking for signs of his departed wife. Keeping him company is his plucky companion, Jockie the dog. Matt is planning a surprise for his Grandson Tony. Overnight something changes; Will Tony ever find out what his Grandfather had planned?
Aged 10-22
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 28 young people aged 10-22 from The Arches Youth Club, Solar Bear and HillheadHigh School and guided by professional filmmakers at GMAC. Working creatively together as a mixed ability group - some of the participants are deaf or hard of hearing - but all participants expressed an increase in confidence and made new friends both hearing & deaf. One participant is now studying product design at Glasgow School of Art.


West Ham United (WHU) Inspire Learning Centre
A somnambulist with a sea obsession sleepwalks through reality into a nightmare stop motion ocean.
Charlie, a young somnambulist with a sea obsession sleepwalks from his bedroom and falls into the darkness of a swimming pool. The pool becomes a nightmare ocean filled with talking fish and a deadly shark. When Charlie wakes up all seems well but it is really?
Aged 9-11
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 17 young people from Sandringham Primary School and guided by professional filmmakers at Beautness Animation.
Over half the group use English as their second language. The children felt working with professionals made them feel more confident whilst using the equipment. Several of them excelled in various aspects of the process, such as directing, acting and camerawork showing leadership, responsibility and determination. The school now runs its own film and animation club.

Time Report
Signals Media Arts Centre
 A futuristic news show set that explores the history of Earth’s ecological problems.
In a galaxy far, far away, the Time report is broadcast live from a battered old space station. The roving Time Reporter jumps through space and time to bring viewers the latest information on Earth’s ecological problems, whilst the studio director struggles to keep the show going. Featuring interviews with a dinosaur, a Tudor farmer and an alien, this is a whimsical look at global warming.
Aged 7-10
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 61 young people from Perryfields Junior School and guided by professional filmmakers at Signals Media. The participants were made of those pupils with learning difficulties or seen as underachieving. All gained additional skills in literacy due to the extensive scriptwriting process. One participant with Downs Syndrome showed a remarkable increase in his vocabulary as well as socialising more with the group.

Strange Playground
Heymann Primary School
Who’s coming out to play?
On her first playtime at her new school, Sam imagines the worst as she wanders through footballers, nerds, cool kids and zombies, searching for a friend.
Aged 10-11
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 28 young people from Heymann Primary School and guided by professional filmmakers at Nottingham Trent University.
Working with professional equipment gave the participants a real sense of pride & achievement, even sacrificing playtime to continue filming. Each child blossomed differently at different stages of filming. One boy was able to see very quickly how the story could be told in meaningful scenes and shots. Two girls who didn’t engage with the scriptwriting were totally absorbed during rehearsals and filming.

The Spaghetti Tree
Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School
Spaghetti growing on trees? Don’t be ridiculous!
After insisting spaghetti grows on trees, a cheeky crow listens to the words of a wise scarecrow as he explains where spaghetti really comes from.
Aged 6-7
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 20 young people from Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School and guided by professional filmmakers at Big Voice Media. The high level of autonomy afforded the children has led to a real sense of achievement and a deep feeling of pride in the end product.


Red Dog Film
Redemption takes time.
In Victorian England a young man learns a hard lesson when he steals from his friends. He still has to protect his mother and his brother. Can he manage or will he end trying to steal his way out of trouble?
Aged 13-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 16 young people from Lincoln and guided by professional filmmakers Red Dog Film. The participants showed a high level of commitment to this project. One person is now engaged on a media apprenticeship with Red Dog Film. Other members of the team said they have media ambitions too.

Fairbridge in Scotland
A group of young people board the Spirit of Fairbridge to crew for the week, setting sail to develop their skills and confidence as well as an adventure on the high seas. However it soon becomes clear to one of the crew that they are not alone. This ghostly sea voyage explores themes of dislocation and paranoia against a haunting soundtrack.
Aged 14-25
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 47 young people from Fairbridge in Scotland and guided by professional filmmakers at The Forest of Black. All participants have reported an increase in confidence and self esteem and staff noticed an improvement in team work and behaviour as the project progressed. They are mostly young people disengaged from education and include some young offenders from around the UK.

The Woodland
Blind Ditch
A grieving girl is helped to find a new sense of perspective after a transformative experience.
Rachel is running away from her problems in the woodland. Suffering a bump to the head, she has an extraordinary experience in which she sees the world from a different perspective.
Aged 6-17
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 17 young people from Devon Integration Support Services and guided by professional filmmakers Blind Ditch. The young people showed a great deal of attention to detail, extraordinary listening skills, the ability to review and critique what they had recorded as well as really enjoying the opportunity to listen so closely to the sounds around them.  Pride in the final film was evident at screenings where at one time, the film was played six times.

Crystal Clear
Three generations of witches in a modern day world.
Crystal is a very curious thirteen year old girl. Her enquiring mind turns to that around her. She becomes increasingly aware of her Grandmother and Mother’s special powers. One bright day Crystal’s inquisitiveness gets the better of her. Crystal decides to do a little more investigation, against her Mother’s will. What will Crystal discover?
Aged 10-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 38 young people from The Get Into Media Youth Group and guided by professional filmmakers at GMAC.
Many young people were directly inspired by working with industry professionals. One participant has aspirations to become a First AD, another to become a camera assistant, whilst 2 others have applied to the BBC Scotland Apprenticeship. None of which were previously in education or employment.


Cat In The Box
Evil Twin Artworks
One crazy lady, one weird cat, one strange day.
A lady who lives alone painting cats receives a mysterious package and her life is never the same again...
Aged 13-17
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 16 young women from Swindon Borough Council’s Integrated Youth Support and guided by professional filmmakers at Evil Twin Artworks. Nearly half this group are excluded from school. Confidence was an issue and some of the girls took quite a while to allow themselves to try the camera or work on the computer. However by post production their sense of self esteem and confidence had noticeably grown! They have all expressed an interest in taking the animation side of things further.

Your Future Home
Chocolate Films
A home so perfect you’ll never want to leave.
A chilling drama where David thinks he is being offered a new home but instead ends up somewhere much less homely.
Aged 16-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 12 young people from St Basil’s and guided by professional filmmakers at Chocolate Films.
All the participants are young homeless residents at St Basils & at risk of offending. One young man was crucial to the development stage and as an actor. He is now an intern at Prince’s Trust & has attended several First Light workshops and master-classes. One young woman who really took to editing, is studying media at college. Another young woman who has a history of violence and was finishing her parole at the time, wanted to use the project as a platform to educate others at risk of offending. All the participants came from difficult backgrounds but have benefited greatly from the experience, growing in confidence, team building and self-esteem.

The Envelope
A comic strip comedy surrounding a very sought after envelope...
The protagonist is given an envelope that appears to be sought after in many circles. Follow our girl to find out what exactly is in that envelop and solve the mystery.
Aged 13-18
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 12 young people from Liverpool Youth Service and guided by professional filmmakers at FACT.
Trust was an issue to start with but soon the participants felt confident talking to & working with adults. This meant they had a longer attention span and less disruptive behaviour. One normally aggressive girl has become more attentive and calm whilst a boy with Downs Syndrome has shown a marked improvement at school. Parents have reported improved behaviour and a thirst for a career in the film industry.

Not Just A Diagnosis
Ideal Films Ltd
For some people, this nightmare is real
A young woman finds herself in a nightmare world where her feelings of being branded because of her mental health issues are made very real. Can she find the strength to break the cycle?
Aged 13-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 30 young people from Swindon Youth Forum and guided by professional filmmakers at Ideal Films. Most of the participants have mental health issues ranging from Aspergers to self-harming. Everyone felt the set design was a real triumph so the group decided to create their own soundtrack too. One person said “Working with all the pro equipment makes me feel more creative.”


My Pockets
A pencil sharpener tries to seduce a shy pencil but will he shape up 2B like her much harder boyfriends?
Aged 15
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 12 young people from Tiverton High School and guided by professional filmmakers My Pockets. All the skills, including recording sound, camera skills, puppet making and Final Cut Pro were learnt because the young people were enjoying themselves. The project enabled a difficult subject to be tackled through humour and the transferable skills came from the laughter and enjoyment from frank discussions about sex and relationships. 

Accidently in Daventry
Cobblers Study Centre
The quest for intelligent life.
Three aliens are sent on a mission to Earth to determine whether there is indeed human intelligence and if not, blow it up!
Aged 11-16
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 16 young men from Danetre Secondary School and guided by professional filmmakers at the same organisation. Most of the participants are on the ASD spectrum so their level of perfection was very high. Since completing their film, many have gone to further their filmmaking skills: Two have enquired about studying film production at University,
three are planning on taking media at GCSE level and one student has been making detailed plans for taking a gap year to make a feature film of his own.

A young carer finds an ingenious way of releasing his caring duties, but is this what he really wants?
Joe is a young carer. He loves his mum but wishes he had more time to play with his friends. He comes up with an inventive plan that he thinks will give him the best of both worlds...
Aged 6-15
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 12 young people from Blackpool Young Carers and guided by professional filmmakers at CTVC.
All of the participants involved are young carers who often lead chaotic lives, leading to tiredness and missed sessions due to commitments at home. Filmmaking focussed their attention and they flourished exceeding in costume and set design. This film was a very personal story to its creators.

Justin The Party Animal
Arpeggio Films
The adventures of Justin the Bellboy at Hotel Talk To The Hand!
Justin has NOT been invited to the party but undeterred he tries several creative techniques to sneak in unnoticed....
Aged 16-19
This film was a collaborative production between a group of 19 young people from Beacon Hill Sixth Form and guided by professional filmmakers at Arpeggio Films. All participants have learning difficulties and complex needs so conventional communication such as writing and speaking is challenging. Filmmaking frees their creativity engaging them in devising characters, locations and props. Two young women spent a day at a professional edit studio & showed such competencies that they were left alone for a time. Another two members with a fantastic flare for filmmaking are now working alongside an Employment Support Mentor learning about locations, budgeting and exhibition.

You can watch the nominated films at First Lights website here (just click on the films image to watch).

17 January 2013

Film4 FrightFest Glasgow 2013 Line-up announced: Neil Jordan, Gemma Arterton, Eli Roth Head Guest Line Up

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Press release:

From Friday Feb 24 to Saturday Feb 25, the UK’s favourite horror fantasy festival returns to its second home at the Glasgow Film Festival for the 8th year with an impressive slate of the hottest new horror films, plus the hit Norwegian TV series HELLFJORD, stripped across the two days.

Some of the genre’s biggest hitters take centre-stage this year, with UK premieres for Eli Roth’s re-calibrated Disaster Movie, AFTERSHOCK, Neil Jordon’s surreal vampire myth, BYZANTIUM and Rob Zombie’s darkest horror yet, THE LORDS OF SALEM.  Plus the mother of all anthology movies THE ABCs OF DEATH, receives its first showing in the UK and there’s the chance to sample red-hot Chilean grindhouse in BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE MACHINE GUN WOMAN. Then there is the creepiest found-footage feature of them all - THE BAY, the best US documentary of the season AMERICAN DREAM and the Scottish-based SAWNEY: FLESH OF MAN, which was a surprise hit at the August FrightFest event., Also, there are UK prems for zombie splatter-fest DETENTION OF THE DEAD and the newly restored edition of Mario Bava’s classic horror anthology BLACK SABBATH.

Finally, FrightFest is proud to present Norwegian TV sensation, HELLFJORD, in which seven of Norway’s finest directors team up for writer/producer Tommy (DEAD SNOW) Wirkola’s Nordic Noir fusion of HOT FUZZ and TWIN PEAKS. All seven episodes will be screened as supporting features to the main FrightFest line-up with the last two parts showing as a stand-alone event.

This year’s guest line-up is headed by the Guru of Gore himself, Eli Roth, making his first ever appearance in Scotland. Eli is taking time off from finishing his latest directorial assignment THE GREEN INFERNO to present the UK premiere of AFTERSHOCK, which he produced, co-wrote and headlines as leading actor.  And he’ll be bringing with him director Nicolas Lopez and his co-star Lorenza Izzo.

Film4 FrightFest also welcomes the legendary director Neil Jordon, who will be presenting the UK premiere of his latest film BYZANTIUM. He will be accompanied by two of his leading cast members Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan

Also attending, to introduce the UK premiere of THE ABC’s OF DEATH, are directors Simon Rumley, Lee Hardcastle and Jake West, plus Jake’s ‘S is for Speed’ star Lucy Clements.  And to help us celebrate out unique presentation of HELLFJORD we have director Patrik Syversen (MANHUNT) and stars Stig Frode Henriksen and Zahid Ali in attendance.

Finally, to celebrate the first Scottish showing of SAWNEY: FLESH OF MAN. director Ricky Wood, writer Richard Wood and stars David Hayman and Gavin Mitchell will be in the house to celebrate their gory serial killer thriller.

Alan Jones, FrightFest co-director says, "Film4 FrightFest is thrilled to be part of Glasgow Film Festival for its eighth straight year, defining horror fantasy for our lovely neighbours north of the border. 2013 sees Team FrightFest building on the massive support our Scottish fans have consistently given us to make this shock-around-the-clock event the must-see brightest and best ever. And our 2013 edition is no exception to that heady mix of mirth, menace, monsters and mayhem that has now come to characterize the exhilarating and exciting Film4 FrightFest Glasgow experience".

With surprises on screen and off, and the festival’s unique community feeling, FrightFest at the GFF has now become a must-attend occasion on the horror fantasy fan's calendar.

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The full line-up


13:30   THE AMERICAN SCREAM (UK Premiere)

From Michael Stephenson, director of the BEST WORST MOVIE, comes another charming and hugely entertaining documentary. Meet the Brodeur, Souza and Bariteau families who live in the seaside town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Every year they spend fortunes turning their homes into stunning haunted houses for the Halloween holiday, determined to dazzle and impress their neighbours through their imaginative uses of quaintly simple and clever scare tactics. Watch them as they plan, slave, obsess and suffer trying to outdo each other in the fearful fun-ride department. An engaging, inspiring, heart-warming examination of creativity, community and love of Halloween horror.

Director: Michael Stephenson   USA 2012   84 mins
Cast: Matthew Brodeur, Victor Bariteau, Manny Souza

15.00   SAWNEY: FLESH OF MAN  (Scottish Premiere)

Religious psychopath Sawney stalks Scotland abducting unholy souls for his communion of sacrifices. With his insane family of inbred killers, Sawney tortures and eats their victims saving the best morsels for a chained-up figure in their cavernous Highlands lair. As the Missing Persons list rises investigative crime journalist Hamish MacDonald writes sensational and damming headlines against the police, due to their incompetence in handling the case. After his fiancée is kidnapped Hamish investigates the heinous crimes on his own with disastrous results. For there’s something he doesn’t know about the case that’s crucial to solving it…

Director: Ricky Wood Jr   UK 2012   89 mins   
Cast: David Hayman, Samuel Feeney, Gavin Mitchell

17.30   THE LORDS OF SALEM  (UK Premiere) + HELLFJORD Ep 1

Hard rock Boston DJ Heidi Hawthorne co-hosts a late-night radio show. One day she receives a promo record from a mysterious band called The Lords whose music is strange and sinister. It transpires the droning tune was composed during the Witch Trials to turn all the local Salem women into satanic acolytes. When she plays it on the air Heidi spirals into drug addiction and starts having nightmare hallucinations about the demon seed. Cult director Rob Zombie returns with his darkest horror – a journey to the unfathomable depths of terror.

Director: Rob Zombie   USA 2012   101 mins   

Cast: Sherri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Judy Geeson

20:15   BYZANTIUM (UK Premiere)

From Neil Jordan, director of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, comes a haunting, visually sublime, unique take on ancient undead mythology. Clara is a 200-year-old vampire who works in sleazy strip clubs and prostitutes herself to support her vampire daughter, Eleanor. But this deadly duo are no ordinary vampires; Clara drains the scum of the earth and Eleanor
acts as an angel of death preying on the suffering elderly. When the two daughters of darkness open up a bordello in the seedy Byzantium seaside guesthouse, shocking secrets going back through tortured centuries must be suppressed.

Director: Neil Jordan   UK 2012   118 mins  
Cast: Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Jonny Lee Miller


When there’s no more room in hell, the Dead will go to Detention! SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB in a ‘School’s Out Completely’ knock-down, drag-out fight for survival when a student body gather in detention just as a zombie plague kicks off in the outside world. Packed with full-bore splatter moments to keep even the hungriest of gore-hounds satisfied - no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks, just the flesh-eaten Walking Dead on the hunt for more brains and Class body parts to feast on! Bloody perfect as late-night scream-and-shout-out-loud entertainment.

Director: Alex Craig Mann  USA 2012   87 mins   

Cast: Christa B. Allen, Jacob Zachar, Alexa Nikolas


11.00   BLACK SABBATH (Retrospective Premiere) + HELLFJORD Ep 3

FrightFest proudly presents the newly restored edition of Mario Bava’s classic horror anthology BLACK SABBATH, for the first time ever in English. A beautiful woman is terrorised by her psycho ex-lover…. A family becomes a feeding ground when their wounded father returns from vampire hunting…  A thieving nurse is haunted by the spirit of a dead medium… Join horror icon Boris Karloff as he hosts and stars in a trilogy of terror from the Golden Era of Italian Shockers. You’ll be absolutely amazed by how scary it still is in this stunningly pristine presentation.

Director: Mario Bava  Italy 1963   92 mins   
Cast: Boris Karloff, Mark Damon, Michele Mercier


Get ready for a real blast! After accidentally overhearing Argentine gangsters talk bloody assassination, a nightclub DJ and video game addict avoids execution only by offering to kill the object of their hatred himself. But the scantily clad, femme-fatale bounty hunter Machine Gun Woman is not going to become a sitting target that easily, especially when her favourite fashion accessories are shiny multiple weapons. The most ruthless killer to ever wear stilettos, she’s Hell-on-Heels in an all-guns blazing, sexy, violent slice of neo LatinXploitation. Flashy and trashy grindhouse fare the way they used to make ‘em.

Director: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza Chile 2012   74 mins   
Cast: Fernanda Urrejola, Matias Oviedo, Sofia Garcia

15.45   THE BAY (UK Premiere) + HELLFJORD Ep 5

Trust Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson to embrace the found-footage genre and give us its scariest spin EVER! The sea is the livelihood of a small coastal town in Chesapeake Bay. But even when an extremely high level of toxicity is found in the water, the mayor refuses to halt the Independence Day celebrations to avoid spreading panic. Too late: a plague of flesh-melting, tongue-chewing, stomach eating parasites is about to contaminate the population with devastating blood-vomiting consequences. Gross, disturbing, creepy and chilling, yet punctuated by a dark sense of humour, THE BAY is true issue-raising nightmare horror.

Director: Barry Levinson   USA 2012   84 mins   
Cast: Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly, Kether Donohue

18.45   THE ABCs OF DEATH (UK Premiere)

A is for Ambitious, B for Brilliant, C for Courageous: 26 letters, 26 directors, 26 ways to die in a lightning-paced anthology showcasing death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty. The idea is simple; a range of international genre filmmakers given a letter of the alphabet, $5000 and total freedom to create a short film about dying. From sex-fuelled murder and claymation toilet humour to artful giallo orgasm and sobering drug orgies, the twisted visions are funny, bad taste, controversial and confrontational. But all provide bloody, provocative and shocking fun on a carnival ride to the other side. 

Directors: (UK) Ben Wheatley, Jake West, Simon Rumley  USA 2012   129 mins

21:00   AFTERSHOCK (UK Premiere)

Producer, co-writer, star and genre guru Eli Roth becomes the new Master of Disaster. Four tourists and their two Chilean guides head to Valparaiso for the last days of their South American vacation. But as they dance the night away in a crowded nightclub, a massive earthquake hits the area causing wholesale death, destruction and urban anarchy. Who will survive in this dark, intense, and unpredictable mix of disaster flick and horror thriller that looks fantastic, grips with the excitement of those classic Irwin Allen 1970s epics and delivers the bloodiest of shocks as buildings collapse along with society. 

Director: Nicolas Lopez   USA 2012   90 mins
Cast: Eli Roth, Nicolas Martinez, Lorenza Izzo

23.15   HELLFJORD  - THE FINALE – Eps 6 & 7 (PLUS Q &A ) (UK Premiere)

Seven of Norway’s finest directors team up for writer/producer Tommy (DEAD SNOW) Wirkola’s Nordic Noir fusion of HOT FUZZ and TWIN PEAKS. Now you can see all seven episodes of this Scandinavian TV sensation as supporting features to the main FrightFest line-up with the last two parts showing as a stand-alone event. MANHUNT’s Patrik Syversen and COLD PREY’s Roar Uthaug are among the talented helmers focusing on the weird adventures of disgraced Sergeant Salamander posted to Hellfjord, a small town where family restaurants double as strip clubs, the average age is 67 and the sun never, ever goes down.

Directors: (Include) Patrik Syversen, Roar Uthang, Sebastian Dalen  Norway 2012   7 X 30 mins
Cast: Zahid Ali, Stig Frode Henriksen, Ingrid Bolso Berdal