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10 December 2016


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Ooooh-er, Missus. What a saucy little film, with boobies and pubes and butts in it and everything. All female, luckily for you male viewers. As a lady viewer myself, I was well annoyed that the guy in the film kept his towel on for the entire time. Talk about frustrating.

There's no sexual equality in the movie business. You can see everything about a woman on-screen including the place where the sperm meets the egg for drinks and nibbles and a nice bit of how's-your-father, but film-makers are still precious when it comes to showing penises. Or should that be penii...? Snigger. That sounds funny.

11 March 2015

Social Media Unveils It's 'dark side' In The Horror Short Alexia

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If your under a certain age and own a smart phone your life probably evolves around social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc... If you know what Facebook is and have a profile if you ever thought what would happen to that profile after you die? It seems in Argentina  it's a bit of an phenomenon a sadistically sinister one of following profiles after death and in Andres Borghi's short film Alexia all will be unveiled.

After the death of his girlfriend Alexia follows a young man dealing with the repercussions of keeping her social profile runnng. As he attempts sever his part of everything it looks like things aren't as easy as he first thought.



9 March 2015

Short Sighted Cinema Presents: TRANSFORM - A night of documentary and live stories. Hackney Attic, 25th March.

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A selection of short documentaries and autobiographies that lead into metamorphic journeys of discovery and transformation. Secrets are shared and identities challenged in this evening of short film and live storytelling, followed by open-mic revelations.

Want to tell a story? We’re looking for storytellers to take part in the launch event of a new series of film & spoken word collaborations, looking at stories on screen and off. Got a story about ‘transformations’ (whatever your take on that is!) – get in touch at

A documentary profile on Jacob M. Bird aka Dinah Lux.

THICK SKIN - Despina Christodoulou
Thick Skin offers an insight in to the life of Ben, a Mexican wrestler and entertainer, which sheds light on the unusual and intense activity of body suspension.

A character driven documentary explores themes of disability and old age through the eyes of Ann Parnell-McGarry, a former theatre director and opera dancer. Now aged 75, she is slowly coming to terms with her life in a wheelchair, but even her inability to walk hasn’t stopped her being an extraordinarily active pensioner.

Doors: 7.30PM
Venue: Hackney Picturehouse Attic, 270 Mare St E8
Tickets: £5
Age: 16+
Station: Hackney Central / London Fields

13 December 2014

Short Film Review - D.I.Y.

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JAM Flicks have sent us their new short D.I.Y., which has been selected for festivals such as London Lift-Off and the Portabello Film festival, and it’s rather good.

The film follows a male protagonist, Andrew, as he tentatively enters a DIY shop to confront Darren, the man who has been sleeping with his wife. A suspenseful and simple story, the tension builds as the film progresses, leaving the audience unsure as to what the protagonist’s final actions will be.

The two men appear to be complete opposites: the husband, a seemingly quiet, and smartly dressed man; and the lover, a cocky, confident 'bloke', dressed in his casual work uniform. The film employs this juxtaposition well, using the lover's brash, assured delivery to highlight the husband's lack of confidence, and the uncertainty in his actions. Dialogue serves its purpose, letting the actors' emotions tell most of the story. 

In between the main events in the DIY shop, little snippets of flashbacks and intriguingly ambiguous flash-forwards are shown, building the suspense. The unsettling sound design further reflects Andrew's conflicted feelings. One particular moment I enjoyed is during a sequence where he is playing out his revenge on the adulterer, with a mixture of natural and mechanical sounds building to invoke the sound of blood pumping in the ears during an adrenaline rush.

The film is well cut and well paced, with solid performances from both men, in particular the lead Andrew, played by Anton Saunders, whose understated performance as the cuckold is noteworthy.  D.I.Y. is a gripping short film, that builds more tension and suspense over ten minutes than some films do over ninety.

Hannah Newton

You can watch D.I.Y. below.

D.I.Y - A short film by Josh & Mitch from JAM Flicks on Vimeo.

6 September 2014

Memories Or Dream? Reconcile Yourself With Dan Marcus Streamline Short Film

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Put the questionable acting to one side Dan Marcus Streamline is a decent little short film that attempts to reconcile between memory and dreams. Throw in an dreadful father and a strange woman who can look like can access every nook & cranny of your mind no wonder the film's protagonist feels a bit all over the place.

Apart from the typical set up for sci-fi  what Streamline does best is deliver a little emotion and a film that can shift it's emotions at the right time. Whatever you think father/son relationships can fit nicely into any genre, enjoy....

Source: Filmschoolrejects

9 June 2014

Simon Rumley Joins Shortcuts To Hell 2 Judging Panel

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The annual Film 4 Frightfest in London will be upon us very soon which means it's nearly time for the annual Shortcuts To Hell short film competition. This year the contest has a new judge British film director  Simon Rumley, who has just completed post production on his first ‘Hollywood’ movie The Last Word, SHORTCUTS TO HELL 2, which is run by FrightFest, Horror Channel, Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios.

Rumley commented: “'As an arena to experiment, innovate and, ultimately, learn a craft, short film making always will be the lifeblood of film-making. It's great, therefore, to have a competition such as this to give aspiring film-makers an added incentive to try to realise their goal. This is a unique and mind-blowing opportunity”'

He will join Rosie Fletcher, acting editor of Total Film, Horror Channel’s Emily Booth, FrightFest director, Paul McEvoy, Wildseed Studio’s Creative Director, Jesse Cleverly and Movie Mogul’s John Shackleton, who are looking for new filmmakers primed and ready to make their first horror feature film.

The panel will choose three finalists who will then go forward to this year’s FrightFest event at the Vue West End in London, and have their 3-minute films screened before the discerning FrightFest audience. The overall winner will be chosen by public vote and will have their film produced by Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios, entering production early 2015, with a minimum cash production fund of £20,000. The completed feature film will receive UK digital distribution, its world premiere at FrightFest 2015, and a broadcast premiere on Horror Channel.

All entries have until to Tuesday 22 July to upload their 3 minute films on to YouTube, submitting the link to by 6pm on 22nd July. Downloadable T&C’s from must be adhered to.

Check out for more rules and more details.


Last years finalists are available on iTunes

6 December 2013

Watch The Engrossing Short Film Grays

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If there's any reason why here at Cinehouse should be posting more short films Henry Hobson's Grays is that reason. Hobson may not be known by many but some will now his work as a designer designing title sequences for many popular TV shows and Films such as Rango, The Walking Dead and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. Hobson is actually a established short film director and below is his latest Grays.

The story is simple about a young man determined to find out why his father has died with a military official they go search for that information leads him to meeting something possibly not of this earth.

This is a fantastic film and one that needs to be expanded from its 5 minutes running time, nice ending but most of all it has the uber-cool Michael Ironside in it!

source: Geektyrant

10 August 2013

Extortion Rears its Evil Claw In The Short for Larry Cohen's The Worst

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 You wonder when you here in Dr.Pepper TV what's the worst that can happen?In the short film The Worst, it's leaving your bag and mobile on the metro train. Ryan (Britt Lower) was in a bewildered state when she reached her stopped without thinking  she got off but left her bag and mobile on the train. Whilst her night might be going downhill an off duty worker Nick (Dean Winters) maybe a shining night in armour and get Ryan's bag back but for a price...$200 (£175).

The Worst delivers a solid well balanced 15 minute film delivering a balanced genre film with drama, comedy even a little action. If you ever wondered what it's like when a person finds themselves at the lowest ever point, distressed,lost easily manipulated, The Worst delivers with precision.


Ryan had a bad night. Her phone is dead. And in a moment of indecision, she just left everything on the F train. Desperate, she turns to Nick, an off-duty MTA worker of suspect morals. The two strangers enter into a contentious deal to chase down the subway, before it vanishes with Ryan’s luggage and any chance of her getting home. What's the worst that can happen?


8 August 2013

Horror Channel Presenter Emily Booth To Produce And Star In Selkie

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Horror Channel presenter and actress Emily Booth steps behind the lens to make her first short film – SELKIE, a dark revenge fairytale, in which she also stars in the title role - as a beautiful and vengeful sea creature.

The plot, based on an ancient Celtic myth, sees Selkie enslaved to a drunken fisherman when he finds her shedded skin on the beach. Refusing to return her skin to her, the Selkie law of nature means she is now bound to him as his 'land wife' unable to return to her true form, and to the sea. Until one day, many years later, when she exacts her revenge and finally is able to transform back into her true form.

Emily assembled her own team for the project including concept artist Danny McMahon (who came up with the original drawings of the Selkie creature) and SFX artist Robbie Drake (Nightbreed, The Seasoning House)

Emily said today: “My aim is to create something truly unique and memorable, a dark and haunting adult fairytale, with a spectacular creature transformation sequence, all shot in Medieval locations. Yes it’s a challenge and will not be cheap which is why I’m using the innovative crowd funding site Kickstarter.”

Check out concept art image for Selkie below  and for more information plus a video of Emily Booth sharing her passion for the project head over to the film's Kickstarter page where you also donate to the film too.

Selkie Kickstarter Page link 

5 August 2013

FrightFest, Horror Channel & Movie Mogul reveal their top six finalists for 666 Short Cuts To Hell

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FrightFest and Movie Mogul, in association with Horror Channel, challenged aspiring filmmakers all over the country to make a short horror film, but 666 Short Cuts To Hell was no ordinary film competition. Entrants had to follow a series of 'killer' restraints such as a maximum of 6 lines of dialogue, a maximum of 6 cast and crew members and a maximum budget of £666.

A staggering 157 entries made the grade and the overall winner will be announced at FrightFest 2013 on Sunday Aug 25 after the screening of all six films. On hand to congratulate all six finalists will be the distinguished judging panel; Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth, FrightFest director Paul McEvoy, Movie Mogul’s John Shackleton, Filmmaker Paul Hyett and journalist Rosie Fletcher. Tom Six is planning to attend subject to his commitments on Human Centipede 3.

Apart from the honour of being showcased at the UK’s biggest genre festival, the six finalists will also have their films screened on Horror Channel, with the overall winner receiving £6,666 courtesy of Horror Channel and the opportunity to develop a feature film under mentorship from Movie Mogul.

Chris Sharp, Chief Programming Officer, Chello Zone, said today:: “The film industry has some incredible talent emerging as seen in our inaugural 666 Short Cuts To Hell competition. It’s been a huge but highly enjoyable task to watch all 157 entries and a very difficult decision process to select the final six. Many more of the short films deserve recognition and exposure so we pledge to broadcast as many as we can on the channel. I’m proud Horror Channel is a platform for rising stars in the industry and we will continue to do all we can to support young talent.

John Shackleton, M.D of Movie Mogul added: ".This competition exceeded our expectations by a long way. So many terrific short films, but so little space in the top 6! I'm thrilled with the final selection and can't wait to see who wins!"

Here are the six films…

Six Degrees of (Limb) Separation.
Directed by Mikel Iriarte Cast: Leo Charlton, Madeleine Dunbar, Sam Atkind.

6 Seconds To Die.
Directed by Rick James. Cast: Emma Drysdale, Emily Petrolo & John Rackham

6 Shooter
Directed by David Wayman. Cast: Ed Judd, Aston Fisher, Tom Murton, Teya Simone, Kym Chapman, Dan Lord.

6th Sense
Directed by Alice Moet, CAST: Ellie Manson, Bethany Jackson, Oanne Mitchell, Angela Beadle, Dominic Brunt, Mark Newby.

6 Feet Under
Director: Weronika Tofilska. Cast: Harriet Neville. Jon Readwin, Ewan Stewart, Stephanie Blake & Agis Pitlis.

Six Feet Under
Directed by Joe & Lloyd Stas. Cast: Helen Booden, Tom Stas, Lloyd Stas, Ben Galler