27 November 2009

ne teaser trailer for Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier

When Jackie Chan followed the yellow brick road to hollywood stardom, his early movies showed good promise and a possible good future ahead. But as his name stayed at the top his choice of movies just sliiped down that slippery slope into total embarrassment. So when a actor who made his name in his nativeland and still has alot of respect and interest in his  or her's country's movie industry they get respect from me and Jackie Chan is one of those actors.

I always have the moto "never forget your roots", it doesnt matter how much you hate or loathe the place you always end up back there one day. In July I visited China for the first time to see my girlfriend and Jackie appeared in many tv advert mostly promoting tea, he was also on  at the cinemas aswell.

So below is the first trailer for his new movie LITTLE BIG SOLDIER which he produced and was directed by new director Shen Ding. The movie is about an old soldier who kidnaps a young army general of a enemy of the state in order to claim his reward as usual you will get the full Jackie Chan old style treatment here, its so good to talk about one of his movies in a serious way rather than it been childish.

the movie will be out in Hong Kong & Malayasia 11 February 2010.


Chinese Trailer for Little Big Soldier on TrailerAddict.

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