26 January 2010

Bizzare trailer for Alex Cox's REPO CHICK

source Cinematical
Its confusion time for those who'll think Im talking about Jude Law's new flick RepoMen, but Im not, Who can remember the 1984 classic cult movie  RepoMan starring Emilio Estevez? Unless you were an hardcore movie fan you would have be at least 35 years upwards to at least remember this movie. I have to admit repoman wasnt one of my favourites but I appreciated the cult status following it had and still has.
Well Alex Cox is back back RepoChick, Im unsure if you would call this the sequel to the 1984 movie, more a spin off movie, like Machete with  Grindhouse.
This spin off stars Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, Xander Berkeley, Danny Arroyo and Rosanna Arquette.

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