26 January 2010

Family Affairs in tatters with trailer for Death Waltz

source TwitchFilm
If you think you have family problems, you should check out this trailer for Halálkeringö (Death Waltz) created by Hungarian director Köves Krisztián Károly. The daughter(Elza) a junkie and pregnant, caught in a tense love triangle and loosing grip of her life. When she turns 30 her father turns up out of the blue but elza hates him with a passion. Her father Rusty a legendary police man in the force and this reunion is turning out to the reunion from hell.
Looking at the trailer it looks very gripping, claustophobic, very tense affair. Looking at the posters which show both elza with a blood drenched knife and another with Rusty in same style means there could be a fight to the death here, but who lives?
Death Waltz is out in cinemas in Hungary now.

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