27 January 2010

Naughty Spanish trailer for LUNA CALIENTE (Sultry Moon)

source QuietEarth
Those Spanish know how hot up a cinema screen with this little naught number called LUNA CALIENTE (or Sultry Moon). Directed by veteren Vicente Aranda and is based on a novel by Mempo Giardinelli which sees a man Ramiro who returns home to start a new career but his life turns upside down on one night, a night of a full moon.Within that full moon cycle he becomes a rapist, murderer and fugitive and his victim is an young beautiful woman (see picture above) where he has some steamy liason with, nudge, nudge, wink wink.

The book is meant to be some read, not one you would leave around the coffee table for your old granny to read and choke on her digestive biscuits. Looking at the trailer it does look risque but as in  how much liasons happen its unclear, enjoy the trailer....

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