13 March 2010

David Fincher to Direct a remake of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO?

source ThePeoplesMovies
Yesterday in UK & Ireland The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (trailer here)was released in the cinema’s the movie based on the first book by Swedish Author Stieg Larsson part of The Millenium Trilogy. Already the books have been created into 3 movies with the last book the girl who kicked the hornet’s Nest just recently been released in the cinemas in Scandanavia, the books already international hits with the movies following closely behind.
As Usual when a international movies becomes successfull Hollywood gets there mucky hands on the rights of those movies and destroy the original with a poor imitation, sometimes the occassional good movie. Personally when it comes to non-Hollywood movies coming Hollywoods movies apart from the money reasons the other reason is down to peoples laziness not to actually read subtitles and not appreciate the original movie, so when the poor imitations come out peoples perceptions of the original are that its bad as well. So I was not at all surprised when I heard The Girl With The Dragon Tatto0 was been lined up to be remade for a release around 2011/2012.

Se7en/ Curious Case Of Benjamin Button director David Fincher according to Vulture is very interested in directing the hollywood remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Scott Rudin who directed the talented mr fox could be producing the feature movie with Schindler’s List scribe Steve Zallian wrting the screenplay. If you havent seen the movie or read the book I reccomend going to see it then read the book (I personally believe its better to see a movie then read the book as reading the book first then watching movie you will get too judgemental and criticise if certain things are different especially if the movie is good), the movie follows the story of the Vanger family clan who hire a journalist and eventually a first class hacker to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the neice of the family 40 years ago only to discover Vanger family dark secrets that put the journalist and hacker’s life in danger.
Before even director has been put in place offically, Vulture are already reporting that Fincher would like Oscar Nominee An Education’s Carey Mulligan to play the hacker Lisbeth Salander, the movies lead female role. Like any remake if the right director, actors, writers are chosen, they respect the original movie especially if it was an success (as well have there own unique parts) I will have time for that new version but if its solely just for a quick buck well I would just ignore it, as for this one, it progress and to be continued.

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