14 July 2010

It's A coming of Age Tale For A Robot in Kike Maillo's EVA

Source TwitchFilm (poster source Opium)
Daniel Bruhl's name became even more well known after last years Inglorious Basterds, before then more known for German/ Spanish movies. In the Basterd's he played  the charming but pyschotic Frederik Zoller but now we see him in a different light in EVA.
In this movie he plays Alex a cybernetic engineer who is asked to work on a robotic child and though we may not be used to seeing Bruhl in a part like this, this movie does look very good.You will see a little A.I resemblance with the robot child connection but overall this Spanish flick has a little more oompf than A.I as it looks evenly balanced from the actors, cgi even right down to the score, a good movie with a character story.
Read the synopsis and check out the trailer after the break...

The Year 2041.

Alex, a renowned cybernetic engineer returns to Santa Irene to carry out a very specific mission for the Robotic Faculty: the creation of a child robot. During the ten years he has been away from there, life has moved on for his brother David and for Lana, who after his departure, got her life back together.

By coincidence Alex's routine is altered in an unexpected way by Eva, who is Lana and David's amazing daughter. She is a very special, charismatic little girl. She and Alex have a special connection from the first time they meet.

They set out on a journey together, which will bring to them an revealing end.

EVA tells the story of a return, a reencounter and a loss.

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