7 July 2010

O.T.T Mutant Mayhem with Trailer to Benny Chan's CITY UNDER SEIGE

source Wildgrounds
When I think of Hong Kong Movies I think of good old fashioned crime/gangster thrillers like HardBoiled (John Woo) but I would never think I would see Hollywood style big action flicks with mutants that look like there in joke sumo sponge suits or if you pull at their arms & legs they'll be a stretch Armstrong. Well Benny Chan has went old school back to the 1980's eploitation  style movie with his new 70million Yuan blockbuster CITY UNDER SIEGE.
This movie does look like something out of a Spiderman or X-Men comic book and I beleive they where Chan's inspiration for the movie which can be described as over the top mutant action flick. They dont want to rule the world these mutants they just want to rob a bank and scary the living crap out of Hong Kong city whilst they do it!
I have to say this looks cheesy but fun! starring Aaron Kwok, Wu Jing, Colin Chou and Shu Qi the movie is scheduled for release in Hong Kong/China on August 6th, trailer after the break...

Sunny, an ordinary clown in a local circus, by chance is turned to a mutant with extraordinary power in an accident. He decides to declare a battle for goodwill of the City with a troupe of circus performers who embark on a crime spree after they acquire superhuman skill in the same accident.

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