18 July 2010

Teaser For Live Action GANTZ (part 1)

source Twitch
Back in the 1990's I knew alot of Anime/Manga that was out mostly than's to Helen McCarthy's Anime UK magazine it was essential reading for all British/Irish anime/manga fans. But like many things the rightwing media of Uk destroys anything popular by sentsationalising it with some negative press articles (they caught onto the hentai - porn anime and made people think all anime is pornographic   as well violent) and the fans drew away alltogether or underground.  I've tried my best to keep up with whats going on maybe borrowing friends anime or watching it online. Japan is very proud of there animation & comicbook industry if your aged 1 or 99 theres always something for you a respected medium so watching popular titles become animation then live action cinema versions is not unusal so we have the latest GANTZ.
The great thing about this anime its known worldwide and even though many manga/anime's do become live action some can be a bit poorly made more made for tv than cinema but Gantz does look like one of the better ones. I have heard of it but have no clue what the story is all about but if you enjoy young guys jumping around in leather pvc suits and a mysterious black ball check this out, i've tried to get a english synopsis but no luck.
trailer after break....

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