1 August 2010

Watch The Movie short for Jean-Pierre Jeunet'S BUNKER OF THE LAST GUNSHOTS

LE BUNKER from kapelaans on Vimeo.
Source Twitch
Here's a rare treat for Jean-Pierre Jeunet fans a short movie he co-created with Marc Caro nearly 30 years ago well before the pair created Delicatessen and City Of The Lost Children. The movie is called BUNKER OF THE LAST GUNSHOTS (Le bunker de la dernière rafale) set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world where a group of military men are locked up in a bunker waiting for a unknown enemy to strike but a discovery of an certain project causes several catastrophies that cause the men to kill each other off. The movie is very hard to find so today it's getting a rare chance to run and its 25 minutes long, so please enjoy.

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