7 December 2010

Watch Remi Gamietter's CABLE Animated short

source Quietearth
What do you get when you cross a French Sculptor with Dave Cheungs Aeon Flux? CABLE  a short animated feature from  Remi Gamietter which took him over two years to create using no motion capture techniques which the whole feel of the movie a jaggey affair visually similar to Aeon Flux but a little more organic I say, there is a feel of early sega style gaming design too. Nothing spectacular here but its worthy of been watched  as is the artist first short movie.
Seething with rage, a woman dives into the deepest darkness of this world:

a tortured tower made of steel and cables amid which she throws herself headlong to recover her three abducted little girls.

Full short movie after the break....

Short Film "CABLE" from remi gamiette on Vimeo.

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