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10 October 2012

Tetsuo: The Iron Man / Tetsuo II: Body Hammer Blu-Ray Review

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Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto (Kotoko, Snake of June) finally has his cult sci-fi films Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

In the original 1989 release a man only known as the ‘metal fetishist’, due to his obsession with sticking scrap metal into his body. After he is hit by a car driven by a Japanese ‘salaryman’, the driver begins to experience his body turning into metal – a fate masterminded through the rage of his victim. Shot in black and white, the film is a frantic and surreal work of cyberpunk; reminiscent of David Lynch’s early work. In its sequel, the monochrome palate is replaced with vivid colour; as Tsukamoto revisits his world inhabited by man-machines.

Both films are shocking and horrific, focusing on graphic imagery rather than dialogue and a linear plot. Clearly the director has a vivid and unique imagination, and that the visuals look so good after being made on a very low budget is a great accomplishment. However these are not films that will appeal to everyone. Their utter strangeness will be enough to alienate most, but fans of cult horror, sci-fi and Japanese cinema will appreciate Tsukamoto’s work.

Extra Features:
Interview with Shinya Tsukamoto
‘The Interview of Electric Rod Boy’ – Tsukamoto’s 45 minute short film
Original Japanese Theatrical Trailers
New UK Trailer

Sophie Stephenson


Rating: 18
UK Re-release Date: 8th October 2012
Directed By: Shin'ya Tsukamoto
Cast: Tomorowo Taguchi, Shin'ya Tsukamoto, Nobu Kanaoka, Sujin Kim

7 December 2010

Watch Remi Gamietter's CABLE Animated short

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source Quietearth
What do you get when you cross a French Sculptor with Dave Cheungs Aeon Flux? CABLE  a short animated feature from  Remi Gamietter which took him over two years to create using no motion capture techniques which the whole feel of the movie a jaggey affair visually similar to Aeon Flux but a little more organic I say, there is a feel of early sega style gaming design too. Nothing spectacular here but its worthy of been watched  as is the artist first short movie.
Seething with rage, a woman dives into the deepest darkness of this world:

a tortured tower made of steel and cables amid which she throws herself headlong to recover her three abducted little girls.

Full short movie after the break....

24 July 2010

A New Subtitled Trailer For Sergio Luca Lureni's R.O.A.C.H

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R.O.A.C.H. teaser trailer Eng from RoachTheMovie on Vimeo.
source QuietEarth
a few weeks ago QuietEarth posted theis trailer online I didnt take much notice of it I dont Know why just didn't but now they have posted an English version of the trailer online and I'm glad now I'm checking it out.
The short movie has been created by Sergio Luca Loreni an is a brilliant looking amotspheric sci-fi cyberpunk movie first impressions Blade Runner is a big inspiration. I just wonder why so many moviemakers over do it on the CGI making it so obivous there walking past a big blue screen, it ruins possible good movies though this one looks not too bad though.. I dont know when this maybe available online if does ill post it here.

The story takes place in 2068 and is set in a place very similar to Minsk, the capital of Belarus which sits nestled on the borderline between Russia and Europe, called New Minsk. In this future incarnation, corporations have near complete control of industry and communication. The story follows one man who rises up against one of the most powerful multinational corporations exposing the company’s genetic experimentation project code named R.O.A.C.H.

4 June 2010

Second Trailer for Russian Anime EXAELLA

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source QuietEarth
Away back late January I posted the first trailer for the Russian Anime EXAELLA an amazing looking animation which even the masters of anime would be proud of. Thanks to Quietearth below you can now enjoy the second trailer which you can watch after the break....

22 February 2010

Trailer for sleek indie cyberpunk movie FRAME 137

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Frame 137 Teaser from Judd L. Tilyard on Vimeo.

source SlashFilm
Above is the new trailer from Judd Tilyard's new cyberpunk flick FRAME 137. This sci-fi movie is based on a story created by The Crow creator James O'Barr  (with his permission) which was first seen in the comic book Dark Horse Presents.

This movie has been created in a way you dont see much of these days in cinemascope (or a Lomo Anamorphic Lens camera) and amazingly made over just a weekend. The movies main protaginist is 10 year old Sam Ransom  playing Johnny Z  and amazingly did all his own stunts including the wire work & fire breathing. This is only a minute long teaser and you can see the many inspirations this movie has been inspired by: The Matrix, Equillibrium and I even see elements of the classic Anime Trigun as well.

As for release info, there's nothing yet, there's not even word it will be released  which means it'll more likely to travel around this years festivals.