15 January 2011

Nikolaj Feifer's JUNK LOVE, A Solaris Inspired sci-fi Short watch trailers

Many big filmmakers found there feet in short movies others found there feet as assistants under the great directors of there day, so when I spoke to recent friends one a massive fan of District 9 by Neill Blomkamp who got his break from short movies....
This friend described short movies are 'crap' though his favourite movie D9 is taken from one of Bloomkamp's short movies, so all us here at Cinehouse HQ House do appreciate the fine art of short films as we know the advantages/ learning a new inexperienced filmmaker can get from it. So over in Denmark Nikolaj Feifer a recent graduate has decided to create his film school project into a short film, a sci-fi affair called JUNK LOVE.
Below are 2 short teaser trailers which looks like the movie is inpsired by the old classic 1970's sci-fi movies especially Solaris and you can see the inspiration in the story too. Peter Plaugborg (nominated for a Robert by the Danish Film Academy for best supporting actor in Submarino) plays Edwin who is a the only crew member aboard the SS Hamlet a spaceship which is leaking oxygen slowly and time is running out to fix the ship. Lisa Carlehed, Rasmus Botoft and David Owe also star
 As well as Solaris you can see a 2001 Space Odysey inspiration as well as a Duncan Jones Moon  one too especially as Feifer has went for more a character driven story than action and if the movie is anything like Moon we're in for a big treat!!!
Since Lars Von Trier broke into the English speaking film industry he has brought alot attention to Denmark's film industry and Feifer is actually a graduate of the same film school Von Trier graduated from too and his inspiration for the movie actually goes as far as the camera's used are used also in Von Triers upcoming sci-fi romp Melankolia.

"I got the idea because I originally wanted to make a story about an ill dying man. Then I thought to myself that instead of doing the classical hospital story, what could be a much more interesting metaphor? Well, for instance a man in a metal coffin as far away from everything as possible - One man alone in space.”

Nikolaj Feifer explains during a recent interview  for National Danish Newspaper Politikken

“ To me it seems that Danish cinema has been struggling with a lack of original ideas for some time now. When Nikolaj introduced me to this project, I knew straight away that he was on to something special. And I knew that he was probably the only Danish director with the guts to pull it off. “ Producer Mikkel Jersin N the movies producer Explains.

This short movie does look really exciting and the movie will do the rounds of this years Film Festivals from autumn, fingers crossed we will get a glimspe of the movie in UK, but if your in Denmark during the summer it will get a cinematic release.
Check out the new images below courtesy of Rolf Konow

[updated 17th january 2011]

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