4 February 2011

"Russian Gainsbourg?" - Trailer For Bio-Pic VYOTSKY: THANK YOU FOR LIVING

Like the source of this post I dont know any Russian apart from a few football teams like Dynamo Moscow, Spartak Moscow and Zent St.Petersburg so what I know about this movie is from the source post. Below is a trailer for the biopic on Russian musican Vladimir Vysotsky the perfect example of an fine talented musican who built up a reputation so highly he was the fault of his own downfall. Like many great artist or musicans starts in university drops out becomes a engineer then persues a career as an actor and becomes one of the country's biggest success as an singer & musican!
What makes him so unique was the lyrical content very political also full of social commertary and what makes him even more unique was his career was when old style communism ruled Russia and he never got authorised by the government of the day. He never ever got an offical release musically and his legacy was spread through bootleg tapes & concerts making him one of Russia's most sucessfull artists.
Vysotsky died during the Moscow Olympics due to a heart attack aged only 42 and his funeral was treated virtually like a state funeral due to his popularity, he was also an alcoholic and narcotics addict. Its hard to say how accurate the movie is but the movie does cover his latter years.


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