24 March 2011

Watch 'THE ARCADIAN' - A Homage to all things 1970's Sci-fi/Horror

I love Post Apocalyptic movies and most of the time those movies sign from the same song book and after a while it gets a bit boring but every once and while we get something that may not be original but is refreshing to the eye and THE ARCADIAN is one of those movies. We all have our favourite decades when it comes to movies and we adore that we may even still dress, live in, listen to music of that decade, Aracdian is like a homage to those PA movie of 1970's inspired by the illustrators of the decade, Moebius,Tamburini.
This movie looks very creepy and fans of Mad Max, Clockwork Orange may want to check this one out and if your checking out next months London Science fiction festival you will be able to catch this movie on its world premiere
The movie stars Deshja Driggs, Lance Henriksen, Brian Thompson,Bill Cobbs

Exclusive Arcadian trailer by blankytwo

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